"Habibi fever" - 16 tropical world wide wonders on 45 from 1958-68


In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE227
"Hoppin' to the twist, the cha cha or the boogaloo from Long Beach to Kenya with beetles, chickens and habibi robots..."

1. tabu - mina

German song, but no cover version of that old exotica classic from the 1930s. It's a pretty normal 1962 pop song by Italian singer Mina Anna Mazzini. She was 22 years old at the time of this Polydor release. See also volumes 66 and 67 for more Mina entries.

9. caramba - the champs

Their biggest hit was their version of "Tequila". This is the best Tequila rip-off ever! Also from 1958. They were also known as Chuck Rio & The Originals and as The Cherokees ("Uprisin'"!!!). For more see vols 131 and 148.

2. habibi twist - ennio sangiusto

Also from 1962 this fantastic exotica twister by this Italian singer who's singing in Spanish here. This EP also features a funny version of Speedy Gonzalez.

10. cha cha long beach - mort gilbert

Who was Mort Gilbert? And what about the record label, Morgil? Fine cha cha instrumental exotica tune from around 1960, I guess. See also vol 229.

3. el pirata - ennio sangiusto

And another fine track from this EP is this ode to a pirate, and again it's sung in Spanish. "El pirata" reminds me of a twistin' version of Marino Marini mixed with an early Adriano Celentano. A Belter release.

11. chicken feathers - al casey combo

As session guitarist he's featured on many recordings, this being one of his very first releases, an energetic rockin' instrumental jiver from 1962 on Stacy.

4. la cigueña - toño quirazco

Very popular Mexican singer in the second half of the '60s who released most of his recordings on Orfeon and introduced Jamaican ska into Latin America. His "Jamaica ska" is legendary. Issued in 1968. See also volume 229.

12. twisties-twist - twisties

The flipside is "Twist-les", a lesson for twisters. Enjoy the Dutch guy talking with a hilarious fake American accent, but the other side is more interesting. Wanda was a pseudonym of Elvira Carolina de Fretes, a very beautiful Indonesian singer who moved to the Netherlands  at the age of 6. Ten years later she started her singing career with this release. And soon followed two more singles including a great Dutch version of "The locomotion". She also recorded as a duo with her mother. Her backing band in the early 60s was Johnny & His Cellar Rockers, a band that also recorded "Hé pssst!" with Aart Brouwer, a version of Link Wray's "Jack the ripper".

5. yo bailo boogaloo - rolando lasserie

One of the finest boogaloo tunes ever from Cuba. He was already over 40 when he recorded this masterpiece around 1965. It also appeared on his album "Donde vas?" Most of his releases came out on Musart.

13. a summer feeling - the cannonballs

Flipside is "Teen tango". I believe this instrumental band released only a handful of singles between 1961 and 1963. A Coral release from 1963. See also vol 221 for an earlier single.

6. husia kwa vijana - the kenya polica band

I assume it was recorded in the early 70s as most of the Moto Moto releases, a local record label. There was at least one other single issued on that label by these policemen. Nowadays they label this world music, then it was simply African rock 'n' roll. If you can find the single, you can judge yourselves. For the A-side, see vol 228.

14. robot - bud ashton

Joe Meek would be proud of this version of his "Robot" released on Teeny Records in 1963. See also vols 30 and 33 for more Bud interpretations of instrumental hits.

7. bugulu - los albas

Self-penned funky soul tune sung in Spanish. In 1966 three brothers formed the band when they moved to Barcelona and met local bass player Enric Canals, who previously played with Los Salvajes. Released in 1968 on the Vergara label.

15. laughin' - al casey combo

One of Duane Eddy's Rebels  he was a often asked session musician (for e.g. Everly Brothers, Beach Boys, …). Here you get a great twanging guitar instrumental from 1962. B-side of "Chicken feathers".

8. beatle fever - bret & terry

Poppy beat tune and most likely their sole release. Flipside is "The beatle hop". Obviously the single flopped in the magical Beatles year of 1964. A Prestige Records release.

16. the beatle hop - bret & terry

Flipside of "Beatle fever", a parody about the Beatlemania that arose in 1964. Still it's an excellent song. A Prestige release from 1964.