"Mythological Sunday" - 16 prog, psych and hard rockin' myths from 1968-1973   


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"Can we go to the wonderland of love? No? Then stop teasing me in your room, I just fancy your lying on a mythological Sunday..."

1. mythological sunday - friends

Original recording by Ken Lewis and John Carter of The Flowerpot Men; here they are with Friends in 1968 with their sole release, a Beatle-esque psychedelic pop tune as a B-side for the also self-penned "Piccolo man". A Deram release.

9. el remo - los stop

Also known as Cristina & Los Stop. Spanish flower power beat from 1967 with a terrific organ. It's the B-side of "Tres cosas". Cristina's real name was Maria Del Carmen. Both songs appear on their sole eponymous album from a year later, also on the Belter label.

2. wonderland of love - whichwhat

Catchy popsike by this UK quintet from 1969, that had 5 singles released on Beacon Records. This was from their second single, b/w "Gimme gimme good lovin'". These songs didn't appear on their sole album "Whichwhat's first" from 1970.

10. gimme gimme good lovin' - whichwhat

And here's the fab A-side of "Wonderland of love". In 1984 the Canadian hard rock outfit Helix recorded an excellent version. I prefer this one, though; also because of the wild organ break.

3. i'm a thief - juicy lucy

Formed out of the ashes of The Misunderstood in 1969 this UK blues rock outfit. This B-side of "Oh pretty woman" was recorded in 1970 for Vertigo. Four albums and a handful of singles would follow.

11. can we go - dynastie crisis

The slower flipside of this great debut single by this French quartet, with crazy organs, backward guitar with loads of fuzz and distortion and a hypnotic rhythm. A 1969 release on Disques Somethin' Else.

4. father - fisher & friends

Dutch 70s outfit that released at least three singles for Negram Records. Producer Jan Visser is the co-writer of millionseller "Little green bag", a hit for The George Baker Selection in 1969.

12. everything-everybody-everywhere - dynastie crisis

Their best single was their 1972 release "Fast 72/Vivre libre" (see  vol 192). This was their debut single from 1969. Uptembo jazzrock going prog, a bit similar to The Peddlers.

5. stop - pisano & ruff

John Pisano and Willie Ruff formed this duo in 1970 and released one album and also this single for A&M. Herb Alpert produced this strange tune. Spacey sounds and reverb vocals in a CCR rhythm section turn this tune into something special. Such a pity it's the only good thing they ever recorded (to my own peculiar taste).

13. in your room - carriage company

When Tuxedomoon moved to Belgium for a while in the mid-80s, Jan D'Haese joined  them on their album "Holy wars".  He founded Carriage Company with his friend Guy Theisen aka Leslie Kent, who left We Feel in 1969. Sometimes labeled Belgium's first hard rock band. This was the second of five singles, issued by CBS in 1970.

6. stop teasing - the invaders

Blue beat and reggae band that started in the mid-60s and recorded until 1980. Laurel Aitken wrote the song with Siggy Jackson, the founder of the Blue Beat label. A 1969 release on Columbia Blue Beat.

14. let's try to put him down - corporation

From Belgium to the Netherlands: Dutch prog outfit that had at least two singles released by Negram. This 1971 single was the first.

7. you're lying - the troggs

Legendary rock group from England that became world famous thanks to one song: "Wild thing". In 1967 producer Larry Page wrote this song for them and it was issued as a B-side for "Give it to me". To be honest, the best version of this beat stomper was recorded by Belgian band John Woolley & Just Born in 1971.

15. trauma - los cuatro monedas & gregory

From Venezuela and formerly known as Los Hermanos O'Brien. Thirteen year old Gregory O'Brien joined this family group in 1973. This funky rock song was definitely their best effort. Gregory later sang with Grupo Climax in 1980 after disbanding Las Cuatro Monedas.

8. harold dubble you - the web

On their 1968 debut album "Fully interlocking" this song was known as "Harold Dubbleyew" but on this 1969 single it's shown as "Harold Dubble Yeu". Psychedelic pop tune by this multi-racial outfit on Deram. Two more album followed, "Theraphosa blondi" and "I spider".

16. just fancy - bzn

Most people know this Dutch band for their late 70s hits that were amongst the worst ever. But in their early days they were a genuine rock band, formed in 1968. Glam rock B-side of "Rock 'n' roll woman", their 7th single, released in 1971. BZN is short for Band Zonder Naam, which means Band Without Name.