"Suki-yaki-rocki" - 16 exotic and exciting examples of goooood taste from 1955-65


In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE224
"You can limbo from Morocco to Italy with moanin' yellow birds while Stella's doin' the hully gully twist..."

1. suki-yaki-rocki - the quarter-notes

Oriental instrumental rock from the US from the instro year 1959. Released on the New York based Wizz label. See vol 220 for the flipside.

9. tonight could be the night - the velvets

Fabulous doo-wop feel-good tune from 1961, originally released in the US on Monument and in the UK on London. They were discovered by fellow Texan singer Roy Orbison in 1960. This was their second single.

2. taboo - charles blackwell orchestra

Another fabulous version of "Taboo", this time by the Charles Blackwell Orchestra in 1962. It's one of my favourite versions. A His Master's Voice release.

10. spring fever - the velvets

and Roy Orbison liked them so much he got them signed to Monument and he also gave them this song. It's the B-side of "Tonight could be the night".

3. yellow bird - calimbo steel band

Exotica classic in an unusual calypso way, sung by a real Caribbean islander from Trinidad. This EP also features a terrific version of Belafonte's "Island in the sun" and "Jamaica farewell". "Limbo" is also on this volume.

11. baby talk - tom & jerry

Very funny doo-wop tune by Tom & Jerry, who would conquer the world at the end of the decade as Simon & Garfunkel. Yes, Tom is Art and Jerry is Paul. A 1960 Gala release.

4. mambo italiano - alma coogan

This EP on His Master's Voice came out in 1955, also as a 10" shellac record. Alma was born Cohen in 1932 and spent most of her too short life in London. She died at the early age of 34. George Clooney's aunt Rosemary recorded the very first version in 1954.

12. limbo - calimbo steel band

This topnotch steel band known as The Calimbos (calypso, limbo, get it?)  from Trinidad toured South and Central America before visiting the USA and recording this EP in 1961 for Gene Norman. A Vocalion release.

5. moanin' - bobby timmons

Bobby Timmons wrote this song in 1958 as an instrumental for Art Blakey. A year later Jon Hendricks added lyrics and in 1960 Timmons recorded the vocal version with his Trio for the Riverside label.

13. you're the top-cha - al saxon

In the early 70s he was still active using the alias of Moss, when he recorded a duet with Ella Stone aka Helen Shapiro. This Cole Porter song was his debut single in 1958. It's a terrific cha-cha novelty rocker issued by Fontana.

6. stella - the renaults

Better known is their "Rockin' with Joe", featured on compilations such as "Frolic diner". This slow Latin exotic tune from 1960 is perfect for a sweaty summer night and you're longing for a cool beer after too many cocktails.

14. morocco - george garabedian players

I have absolutely no idea when it was recorded; was it 1960? I do know Garabedian released it on his own Mark 56 Records. See vol 265 for the flipside.

7. let's do the hully gully twist - bill doggett

Terrific twistin' flipside of "Jackrabbit" with an organ and saxophones . I love it when he says during the break "Let's do the hully gully", "Now do it" and "Shake it". A 1960 release on Warner Bros.

15. ah! sweet mystery of life - darla hood

Popcorn gem from around 1960  on the Acama label. Is she the same Darla Hood who starred as a Little Rascal in the 1930s?

8. walkin' my baby - sue thompson

Sue Thompson was born Eva Sue McKee and was already 40 years old when she recorded this popcorn tune in 1965 for Hickory.

16. whoopee - the waikikis

First released on the 1965 album "Lollipops and roses from Hawaii" and then on this Pye single a year later as B-side for "Le cinema". These Belgians were specialized in Hawaiian music. One of their songs even made it to the movie soundtrack of SpongeBob SquarePants. See vols 132 and 236 for more info.