"Tornado chasers" - 16 most amazing instrumental 45s from 1958-1969


In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE221
"My hip Z-car penetrates on bee's knees a Vancouver tornado chased by blue rain that sounds like locomotion..."

1. bee's knees - the john barry seven

The first JB7 release and still the best one! One of my all time favourite instrumentals ever. And it was only good enough as a B-side in 1958. See also vol 219 for more JB7.

9. the chase - the bunny brennan quartet

Buddy Brennan was a Canadian pianist who started his recording career in the 1940s. This uptempo instrumental came out in 1959 on Warwick in the US and on London American in the UK.

2. time beat - ray cathode

George Martin was The Beatles' producer, but in his early days he did some crazy stuff, like this "Time beat" by Ray Cathode, together with Maddalena Fagandini, both from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. Unusual ambient experimental sounds mixed with a steady rock beat. A 1962 Parlophone release.

10. waltz in orbit - ray cathode

And ever weirder than "Time beat" is this spacey waltz B-side, perfect for the space age days that followed the exotica lounge and preceded the French musique concrète. Too bad there is only this single around.

3. vancouver - the sunspots

One of the most wonderful cities I've ever visited and the most interesting one in Canada. This instrumental combo was British, though.  An excellent twanging guitar instro from 1963 on Decca.

11. paella - the sunspots

No, it's not a Joe Meek composition. A great twangin' guitar instrumental from 1963. On the other side you'll find "Vancouver".

4. solar race - the ventures

Fantastic space surf instrumental as B-side of their version of surf-classic "Penetration". Also on their 1963 album "In space".

12. penetration - the ventures

"Penetration" is one of the best surf instrumentals from 1963. The original version by The Pyramids is the song every surf guitarist tries to play before coming out of the bedroom. The Ventures made an excellent copy. Still I prefer the original.

5. tornado - the islanders

A strong wind is blowing throughout this wonderful instrumental tune from 1960. It's not so hard to imagine yourself on a South Sea island beach cabin listening to a passing typhoon. Released on Mayflower and on Top Rank International.

13. theme from z-cars - johnny keating

Also issued in Australia by Astor in 1963 under the moniker of John Keating and the Z-Men. This 1962 release came out on Piccadilly. It's the theme tune to the BBC series "Z-cars", based on an old folk tune "Johnny Todd" from Liverpool.

6. hide away - freddie king

Electric blues instrumental by blues guitar player King and his orchestra, with a nod to "Peter Gunn" during the guitar break. See also vol 207. Released by several record labels in 1961, including this one on Parlophone in the UK. See also vol 207.

14. jackrabbitt - bill doggett

It's a self-penned instrumenal like he recorded so many in the late 50s and early 60s (see more on volumes 9, 188 and 224). Halfway the song the saxophone is pushed aside by the organ, but near the end it is the leadguitar that's attempting to win the battle. A 1960 release on Warner Bros.

7. hip - les sharp & his band

Recorded in 1969 and issued on Concord, a small UK label. An uptempo instrumental by an unknown artist (to me!). The flipside of this split-single is "The singing shell" by Monika Grimm

15. sounds like locomotion - sounds inc

Incredible B-side of their version of Bacharach's "My little red book" rom 1965. Flute, fuzz guitar and silly laughter are the main ingredients in this crazy instrumental on Columbia. For more info check out vols 46 and 144.

8. blue rain - the islanders

And also on this side it is raining all the time. A night storm is chasing over the islanders' heads in 1960.

16. lullaby of birdland - the cannonballs

A George Shearing instrumental recorded by this outfit that was active in the early 60s. Full of twangy guitar licks and silly flutes. A 1960 release on Coral. See also vol 227.