"Last call for alcohol" - 16 rockin' gems and jivin' jewels from 1952 to 1966


In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE220
"Jack Frost gotta twist in the congo with his geisha girl one of these days when out of alcohol..."

1. rockin' in the congo - hank thompson

Hollerin' handclappin' hillbilly tune from Texas that also appeared as final track on his album "Most of all".  In 1952 his recording career started and stopped half a century later. A 1960 release on Capitol.

9. a beatle i wanna be - sonny curtis

Close to a Beatles parody by the most famous of the Crickets, Buddy Holly's backing band. He also recorded an album called "Beatle hits flamenco guitar style", also from 1964.

2. my tattle tale - the galaxies

Fast rockabilly gem subtitled "I'm gonna tell my mommy on you". Originally released on Guaranteed Records in 1960, but also on this old Norwegian EP.

10. gotta twist - mike pedicin quintet

What an outrageous self-penned twister, recorded in 1962. Also the A-side is a twistin' tune, "When the cats come twistin' in". More tunes on volumes 123 and 223. A His Master's Voice release; originally a US release on ABC Records.

3. good rockin' men - the four jacks

One of the oldest entries in this entire series. This cool jiver is from 1952, issued by Federal, and there's also  a release on Delta.

11. get lost jack frost - the john barry seven

It sounds like an instrumental version of "When the saints go marchin' on". The John Barry Seven included big names such as Alan Bown and Les Reed. They recorded this in 1960 for Columbia.

4. in dreams - astronauts

I found it hard to believe these are the same Astronauts that also released a couple of other singles on Halagala Records, because this doesn't sound reggae at all. It is uptempo organ-beat rock 'n' roll. Both sides were written by the band. Issued in 1966.

12. geisha girl - johnny duncan & the blue grass band

Bluegrass hillbilly story about an Oriental girl, released a year after his biggest hit "Last train to San Fernando". After discovering Lonnie Donegan he began to mix bluegrass and skiffle. From 1958.

5. you're for me - clyde mcphatter

B-side of "I just want to love you", from 1960 on Mercury, twelve years before his untimely death at the age of 39. Splendid rhythm 'n' blues. For more info check out vol 172.

13. gypsy beat - the packabeats

Early 60s UK band that delivered this excellent guitar instrumental. It's from 1961, released on Parlophone.

6. record hop blues - the quarter-notes

An incredible titty twister, this instrumental was recorded in 1959 for Wizz Records. A few months later they recorded another 45 for that label, "She's a fine chick". At least two more 45s would follow. The A-side can be found on vol 224.

14. my lucky love - johnny duncan & the blue grass band

Skiffle rock 'n' roll from 1958, flipside to "Geisha girl". This belongs to my "feel good" box of singles. A Columbia release.

7. one of these days - tracey pendarvis & the blue notes

Cool self-penned rockabilly platter from 1958. First he recorded with The Blue Notes and then he went solo for Sun Records in 1960, unsuccessfully. Only a handful of releases are known; and the rest reappeared on a Buffalo Bop sampler.

15. rag mop - four kings

Originally released on Stomper Music Records in 1958, a Memphis Tennessee label. This trumpet bebop jiver is the finest recording I know. But it's not the original. That is "Get the mop" by Red Allen, recorded in 1944, which he, luckily, re-recorded at double speed in 1946.

8. good rockin' tonight - sharkey todd & the monsters

A rock 'n' roll cover by a big band directed by Ken Jones with the help of Sharkey Todd & The Monsters from 1959, originally by Roy Brown. The two best tracks on this EP can be found on volume 225.

16. last call for alcohol - hot lips page

1932? 1942? No, it's 1952 when Oran "Hot lips" Page recorded this ultra-fast jiver for King Records, being 44 years old. Page wrote this  jump blues shouter and sang it as well. His trumpet playing gave him the nickname Hot Lips. Last call for this volume.