"Wanted: kookie astronauts" - 16 unusual nutcases from 1960-1973


In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE218
"In the beginning there were kookie astronauts from a lost world where no experience was necessary according to adventurous town idiots..."

1. in the beginning - boots

One of their last, if not their final, releases before they broke up later that year. From standard beat they moved towards psychedelic pop with this 1968 tune. A Philips release.

9. ballet des jeunes filles - andre hossein

This EP was taken from the soundtrack of the 1963 movie "Shéhérazade", about Shéhérazade, played by Anna Karina, and Haroun al-Raschid. Albert Hossein, born Aminoullah Husseinov in Iran, was the composer of the film score. This "ballet of young girls" is a terrific Middle-Eastern harem dance instrumental. An EP on Barclay.

2. you don't love me - z.z.hill

His third single and his first one on Kent Records. Arzell Hill was 29 years old when he recorded this r&b popcorn song in 1964.

10. l'aventurier - mondo mingole

Mongo Mingolé is the band of Isaac Mondo. He wrote this French sung Calypso song. I'm not sure what year it was recorded, but it must have been around 1967, for the Riviera Afrique label.

3. world of love - mandala soul crusade

Sometimes called Mandala, sometimes Mandala Soul Crusade, after their Soul Crusade album. On this 1968 French release it is the B-side of "Love-itis" (see vol 214), an excellent psychedelic soul song on Atlantic.

11. mwad's - moji & the tropicals

Unbelievably funky Afrobeat from 1973 sung in Swahili; the flipside "Obei mobembo" is sung in Lingala, both native languages in Congo. A very rare Barclay release.

4. wanted: love, no experience necessary - laura lee

Laura Lee Newton was 22 years old at the time of this recording in 1967. It's a love song with one of the weirdest song titles ever. Nevertheless it is a fantastic soul song she recorded for the Chess label. It is obvious she began her musical career as a gospel singer.

12. l'idiot du village - jean le fennec

Novelty? Nonsense? Psychedelic mumbo jumbo? It is the "town's idiot" Jean Le Fennec is singing about. He recorded this weird tune in 1971. At least one album and two more singles were released on Barclay and on Palette.

5. growler - the martell brothers

Cool instrumental mix of Duane Eddy and Bert Kaempfert from 1963. I'm told this was their sole release. Issued by Imperial.

13. sa-ba-hoola - lonnie mack

For more Lonnie tunes check out volumes 215 and 216. He was a real guitar virtuoso and he shows it on this instrumental from 1964, but it sounds as if it were 1969.

Blue Note 6. camp meetin' - don wilkerson

This 1960 hard boppin' jazz blues tune was also featured on his 1962 Blue Note album "Preach, brother". As a prolific tenor sax player he started his own quintet, with reasonable success. Wilkerson wrote both sides.

14. no no no - phil trainer

Also known as Phil Steele, Trainer's first album from 1972 was entitled "Trainer" and it featured this song, that was granted a single release in 1973. In those days he was also active in the psychedelic rock band Clinic. Phil wrote the A-side, "Beautiful Jim", for Jim Morrison who had died a year earlier in Paris, where they met.  "No no no" is a great early 70s psychedelic rock song.

7. bongo tune - max woiski jr

Max McKintosh was born in Suriname, a former Dutch colony. He recorded most of his songs in the Netherlands during the sixties. See also vols 25 and 77 for more info. This Latin-American bongo tune is simply called Bongo Tune and appeared on a free flexi for a Dutch supermarket's own brand of instant coffee in 1962. It is both sung in English and in Dutch.

15. the lost world - the tommy heck quintet

Twang twang twang… and another echo laden twangy guitar I like so much. Fabulous instrumental by this unknown outfit. See also vol 215 for the even better flipside. Released by Chariot Records from New York.

8. fallen astronauts - recreation

Based on the main theme of Antonin Dvorak's "New world symphony" this Moog instrumental B-side of "Love forever" is a perfect example of the French synthesizer movement from the early 70s. Eventually it was Jean-Michel Jarre who became the most famous.  From 1972 on Barclay.

16. a kookie little paradise - the tree swingers

First released on Guyden Records in 1960. This one is on Music Service. Also available on London Records. Popcorn fave with Tarzan yells and hula hit potentials. The biggest hit version of this song was from 1958 by Jo Ann Campbell. The flipside is called "Teaching the natives to sing".