"Too much to dream last night" - 16 beat and soul gems for sixties dreamers


In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE217
"Let's live for today after dreaming too much last night and walk to the fire of the love addict..."

1. sospesa ad un filo - i corvi

The Electric Prunes' "I had too much to dream last night" in Italian by The Ravens, or I Corvi. They also translated "I ain't no miracle worker" in 1966, another Tucker-Nantz composition (see vol 55). A blistering version on dayglo pink vinyl from 1967, issued by Ariston Records.

9. i dig girls - j.j.jackson

It starts with the "Dragnet" intro followed by some James Brown licks and a fierce organ from time to time. This must be one the best boogaloo stompers Jerome Jackson has ever recorded.  It's not a coincidence it was his first single. See volumes 102 and 117 for more JJ tunes. A 1966 release on Calla.

2. torno sui miei passi - adriano celentano

Rock 'n' roll flipside of "La coppa pił bella del mondo", from 1967, issued by his own record label Clan Celentano. It also appeared on his 1968 album "Azzurro". See also vol 55.

10. the joker is wild - jan & dean

Of course this song also appeared on their fantastic 1966 album "Jan and Dean meet Batman", as if Gotham City were a West Coast town. The spoken break by the Joker is simply genius. On this 45 it is the flipside to "Popsicle". A Liberty release.

3. die schule ist aus - die sweetles

German papa-oom-mow-mow beat song from 1964. School is out they're singing. A-side is a Beatles tribute (see vol 216).

11. bye bye baby - eddie floyd

Self-penned soul shouter. After leaving The Falcons he was a songwriter and a producer, but he wanted to sing as well; that's when he gave us his monster hit single, the classic "Knock on wood" in 1966. This Specialty release came out a year later.

4. piangi con me - the rokes

I love The Grassroots' "Let's live for today" and I was pleasantly surprised when I first heard this Italian version by The Rokes. It was the B-side of their 1966 release "Che colpa abbiamo noi", on Arc. The Rokes weren't Italian at all.

12. uncle kev - harvey & doc

Who were Harvey and Doc? Phil Spector and Doc Pomus! They had this unbelievable idea to record the silliest song ever to come out of the mind of Spector. The A-side "Oh baby!" is unbelievable, and yet appeared on various compilations. "Uncle Kev" is a 90-second twist instrumental, released on Annette in 1964.

5. love's gone bad - chris clark

Both sides were written by Holland-Dozier-Holland. What a terrific soul gem this is! It was released in 1966 on the V.I.P. label.

13. doctor rock - doc bagby

Another Bagby goodie. Most of his releases are hi-class rock 'n' roll instrumentals with guitar, sax and organ. I love this 1962 Perri release. See vol 209 for the flipside and more on vol 188.

6. the 81 - candy & the kisses

Female trio from New York, formed in 1964 and disbanded four years later. "The 81" is an excellent northern soul song, their first release. Five more singles would follow.

14. shakin' and stompin' - hot toddys

They recorded this rock 'n' roll tune in 1959 for the small Shan-Todd label. I have reasons to believe that The Hot-Toddys and Rockin' Rebels were the same outfit.

7. love addict - honey & the bees

A sought after northern soul song by this female quartet. Interesting band as well because two of the girls later formed a very successful disco group, The Ritchie Family. See vol 249 for the  flipside.

15. david's mood - jack eely & the courtmen

B-side of their 1966 recording of "Louie Louie", that has resurfaced on many compilations. Jack Ely (not Eely) founded The Kingsmen, who recorded the quintessential version of Richard Berry's "Louie Louie". In 1963 he left the Kingsmen and formed his own band.

8. walking to the fire - conexion

Psychedelic fuzz and Blood, Sweat & Tears horns together in this 1971 funk-rock release from Spain formed by Luis Cobos. Singer was Danny McKinlly from Nicaragua. See vol 214.

16. that's the word - mc2

Psychedelic folkbeat from 1968 by "The MC Squared" as they were called, a quintet that released hand handful of singles. This was their last.