"Talkin' 'bout popcorn" - 16 sixties' soul swingin' hipsters


In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE216
"During the season of the popcorn witch we move to the slauson shuffle with solitary women in the dumps..."

1. you're good enough for me - spyder turner

Underestimated black soul singer with this 1966 B-side on MGM Records. Spin it at -8 and you get a perfect popcorn tune with a heavy bass guitar. This a single-only track.

9. you talkin' about troubles - dewell everette

There's not much info to be found on this singer. I love this mid-tempo beat stomper and I would like to find more information on him or the record label, JED International.

2. somebody's in my orchard - nancy adams

Fingersnappin' popcorn jive from 1964. I believe this RCA Victor release was her first. Written by Floyd Huddleston. Was he her husband as she was also known as Nancy Huddleston in the 1970s? This is the German pressing with a picture sleeve.

10. ich wunsch mir zum geburtstag einen beatle - die sweetles

Hilarious German ode to The Fab Four on the melody of several Beatles songs like "I want to hold your hand". They want a Beatle as a birthday present. From 1964 on Polydor. See vol 217 for the flipside.

3. image pt2 - hank levine

One of his first releases with his orchestra and popular tune on popcorn parties. It's from 1961 on His Master's Voice. Also check out his collaboration with Aki Aleong on "Voodoo drums".

11. el buey - la lupe

Lupe Victoria Yolí Raymond is her full name. From Cuba and a good friend of Mongo Santamaria and Tito Puente. This 1973 song also appeared as the closing track of her album "Pero como  va ser?", released on Tico. A mix of latin jazz and Cuban son on Disques Vogue 1973.See also vol 259 for more.

4. it was a very good year - della reese

Fantastic powerful soul stomper from 1966 by Della Reese backed by The Bobby Bryant Combo. Her first name was Delloreese, born in Detroit as Delloreese Early. Both sides are great on this ABC Paramount release.

12. solitary woman - della reese

Already ten years active as a singer. Her distinctive voice and beautiful looks didn't guarantee huge successes. This is the flipside of "It was a very good year". Spin this tune right after Johnny Cash' "Solitary man".

5. i would if i could - joe haywood

At popcorn parties I play this at minus 8 speed and watch the people dancing the soul swing on the dance floor. Joe Haywood recorded a handful singles for various labels, this one on Enjoy, but first on White Cliffs. Later it was also issued in the UK on Island. A fantastic 1965 release.

13. skinny legs and all - joe tex

I love that bass sound so much it is simply impossible not to tap your toes. Tex wrote both sides in 1967. See also vols 62, 158 and 260 for more funky soul tunes by Joe "Tex" Arrington.

6. frog-eyes - terrell prude

Heavy Hammond organ jiver from 1963 on Tangerine Records. At least two more singles would follow on that label. Great guitar picking and virtuoso organ playing turn this instrumental in a super boppin' jazz stomper.

14. season of the witch - mister mo

More than five minutes long cover version of the Donovan song. Who is this Mister Mo? Did he record more tunes or was this his sole release? If so, then it is a pity as this is a great rendition he recorded in 1969.

7. down in the dumps - lonnie mack

Rockin' in the swamps of Louisiana with this terrific guitar instrumental B-side of his version of "Memphis". A saxophone break and an organ take you down in the dumps of 1963. See also vols 215+218

15. why did you cry - the foundations

They never could equal their first release, which was a number 1 hit two years earlier. This 1969 Pye recording was only a B-side of a their last chart entry. In the meantime they had a second hit single with "Build me up buttercup". See also vol 141.

8. do the slauson shuffle - the olympics

What a fantastic doo-wop shuffle from 1963. This r&b outfit needs no introduction. They invented the hully gully and taught you all the other dance crazes. Check out vol 275.

16. move - boyd bennett & his rockets

B-side of "Click clack" this rocker from 1955 is a solid jiver released on King Records. For more Bennett tunes see volumes 33 and 163.