"Scorpio instro" - 16 instrumental dangers from 1960-1974


In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE215
"Dancing scorpions, picking chickens and red dust in the land of tequila..."

1. poupee de cire, poupee de son - ken lean

One of the most special instrumental renditions of this Eurovision Song contest winning song by France Gall, written by Serge Gainsbourg. Orchestral with horns but also featuring a fuzz guitar and a harmonica. It was recorded two days after the Eurovision broadcast in Napoli, Italia. A 1965 release on La Voix De Son Maitre (or His Master's Voice).

9. scorpio's dance - shocking blue

Formed by Robbie Van Leeuwen, from beat combo The Motions, in 1967 and famous for "Venus", "Send me a postcard" and also "Love buzz", once covered by Nirvana, this 1970 instrumental  is also the title track of their third album.

2. tequila - lightnin' red

Hilarious rendition to the classic Latin tune "Tequila" with a wah-wah guitar and an uptempo beat which might be a bit too fast for the dance floor. A 1972 release on Vogue.

10. chicken pickin' - lonnie mack

Virtuoso lead guitar player who influenced Zappa, Hendrix, Page, shows his skills on this 1965 instrumental r&b killer. Mack is short for McIntosh. This is wild wild rhythm and blues power. Check out vols 216 and 218 for more songs.

3. just a lazy summer night - the happy crickets

A hula-lazy night on your front porch listening to the happy crickets on a Polynesian isle during a summer storm. A 1960 release on Dore.

11. red dust - andre brasseur

Belgium's one and only king of the Hammond organ. Great soul-jazz instrumental from 1972 on RCA Records. This sound reminds me of a Swiss band three decades later, The Men From SPECTRE.

4. suddenly you love me - jean-claude pelletier

Swinging instrumental version of a song with many names. Pelletier took the title of the 1968 Tremeloes version. Joe Dassin recorded it as "Siffler sur la colline", Ben Cramer as "Zai zai zai" in 1967, but the original version was named "Uno tranquillo", performed by Riccardo Del Turco in 1967. This version came out in 1968 on Palette. See also vol 93.

12. ed's tune - the happy crickets

A slow slop instrumental from 1960 by this US outfit, unknown to me. The flipside is "Just a lazy summer night", also on this volume.

5. balzac 10-10 - the fencemen

Originally titled "Sunday stranger" by Billy Strange, this is a fantastic instrumental with weird sounds around a steady beat by this combo. I think it was released in 1963. A Liberty release.

13. (tribute to) dayan - sons of the desert

Wandering through the Israeli desert in search for Moshe Dayan? I don't know the story behind this instrumental. From their probably sole single on Polydor in 1967. See vol 211 for the flipside.

6. the peeper - hank crawford

The Delegates recorded a version of this instrumental in 1965. Cool jazz instrumental from 1962 on Atlantic.

14. riff for peggy - roland thyssen

The groovy orchestra of Roland Thyssen did it again: a fuzz laden bass heavy piano pounding horn blowin' library tune that really swings. Dig that groove on this 1974 Hebra release. For more info on this Belgian artist, see vols 159 and 165.

7. land of love - moon people

Ultra-groovy horns on this boogaloo instrumental tune by the band formerly known as The Latin Blues Band, a group from New York. They were also known as Los Astronautas. A 1968 release on Speed Records.

15. mush melon - brother jack mcduff

From 1966 on Atlantic and a year later also on his "Do it now!" album. Exciting Hammond jazz instrumental by a real maestro. See also vol 251.

8. blue 22 - the tommy heck quintet

A fabulous strummin' mental guitar instro monster by an unknown artist and his quintet. See also vol 218 for the flipside.

16. girl on the rocks - the bob crewe generation

A perfect feel-good tune to end this instrumental selection of 16 slices. It's the flipside to their trademark song "Music to watch girls by". A 1966 release on Dynovoice, while my Dutch copy is on Stateside.