"A shot of rainbow power" - 16 sadistic shots of beat from 1962-1973


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"Wait by the water for a stoned soul picnic, said the juicer to the sadist stirring up some soul..."

1. a shot of rhythm and blues - johnny kidd & the pirates

Frederick Heath aka Johnny Kidd and his Pirates paved the road for bands like The Beatles in Abbey Road Studio when he recorded his first 45 there in 1959. This is from 3 years later and still no Beatles in the charts. The B-side contains a fantastic version of Diddley's "I can tell" (see vol 210).

9. love-itis - mandala soul crusade

Originally by Harvey Scales this is the better side of this blue-eyed Atlantic soul release from 1968, B-side of "World of love". See also vol 218.

2. it's gonna be alright - gerry & the pacemakers

From the movie "Ferry cross the Mersey" it is a terrific Merseybeat stomper written by founding member Gerry Marsden. The flipside is the marvelous version of "Skinny Minnie". A 1964 release on Laurie Records.

10. sock it to me pt2 - the deacons

Almost as brilliant as part 1. The funky guitar licks and the handclaps lure you to the dance floor. And the groovy organ will keep you there for sure. A 1968 release on Shama Records.

3. destination unknown - the lewis and clarke expedition

New York outfit formed by Travis Lewis. Poppy upbeat tune from 1967 on RCA Victor. Near the end a fuzz guitar is really freaking out. Eighteen years later The Long Ryders recorded "Looking for Lewis and Clarke".

11. theme 1 - the sunsets

Jungle exotica garage punk instrumental from Puerto Rico written by Dino & Tommy. Need I say more? They were also known as The Sonset featuring Gelix Guy Casiona aka Dino Sonset. You simply have to check out their sole album "Discoteca". On that album there's a different version of this instrumental, named "Tema Sonset '67". Released in 1967 on Teenager's Dance Show from San Juan, Puerto Rico.

4. rainbow power - timmy thomas

Call it hippy punk or rainbow soul, this anti-racist anthem deserved better in 1973. This should be played between "Ball of confusion" and "Say it loud, I'm black and I'm proud". Self-penned and produced together with Steve Alaimo.

12. stirring up some soul - the marketts

Surprising soul instrumental side of "Tarzan" (see vol 211) by The Marketts who had a million selling hit single with "Out of limits" three years earlier.

5. stoned soul picnic - the 5th dimension

No wonder this song title was too drugs related to become a hit. It is a slow beat soul song, recorded when the sound engineer were too stoned. B-side of the utterly boring "The sailboat song" from 1968 on Soul City. See also vol 27.

13. mondo in mi 7 a (pt2) - adriano celentano

One of his finest recordings from 1966, already a veteran in the Italian rock and pop scene. I prefer his earlier work. See also vols 217 and 255.

6. wait by the water - bobby darin

A surprising, rocking version of traditional "Wade in the water", originally from 1925, by Bobby Darin as "Wait by the water". Walden Cassotto aka Bobby Darin was born in New York in 1936 and was 28 years old when he recorded this in 1964. See also vol 219.

14. i don't know what to do - conexion

Jazz-oriented psychedelic soul-rock like Blood, Sweat & Tears, formed by Luis Cobos who also wrote most of the band's early material. This flipside is amazing, recorded in 1971 for Movieplay. All my Conexion 45s were issued by Pipe Records. See  vols 80, 210 or 217 for more info.

7. daddy rollin' - dion

"The wanderer"? "Runaround Sue"? By 1968 Dion Dimucci had changed a lot. I guess this self-penned track was the weirdest song he ever recorded, as B-side of "Abraham, Martin and John". See also vol 274.

15. sadist - paul simul

Made in Belgium. A fuzz bass guitar and a Spencer Davis groove la "I'm a man" and yet it is always "Seven horses in the sky" that comes to mind. The electric piano break interrupts the sadistic laughter of Paul Simul. Written by the people of The Jokers, Sigo and Clauwers. See also vols 135 and 141 for more info. A 1970 Barclay release.

8. the juicer - the sweet

B-side from their third single, released in 1969. This is the Belgian issue. Pre-glam psychedelic rocker by these not yet bubblegum gods. See more by this UK outfit on vols 53 and 78.

16. please come back - the sunsets

Pretty standard folkbeat tune by this Puerto Rican band. The singer is called El Indio. "Theme 1" is the magnificent flipside.