"Blue elephant walk" - 16 instrumental gems for movies, television shows and private parties


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"Dracula, el picador, sipping a Bacardi with his secret love; it was love at first sight..."

1. love at first sight - the artie scott orchestra

There are so many versions of Gainsbourg's "Je t'aime … moi non plus", including this excellent instrumental with a leading organ and everpresent bass guitar. Artie Scott stands for the cooperation between Arthur Greenslade and Tommy Scott. A 1970 release on Major Minor.

9. le blue beat - trumpet boy

Also known as Jim Wild Carson, but he was born Fernand Verstraete, an accordion player and trumpeter, who also played with Claude Bolling, Jacques Hélian and Dave Pochonet. This blue-beat instrumental aptly named "Le blue-beat" was  recorded in 1964 for Philips. See also vol 209.

2. bacardi - ralph marterie

Splendid "Tequila" rip-off by Italian born Marterie who moved to the US and became a trumpeter and a bandleader. Don't you love his versions of "Shish-kebab" and "Caravan"? This instrumental EP came out in 1961 on United Artists.

10. dracula fils - vladimir cosma

From the 1976 movie "Dracula père et fils". The other side of this single features "Dracula père". I prefer the son side. Both sides were written by Cosma, born in Romania, country of Dracula. He had been living in Paris for more than a decade already when he recorded this haunting movie theme with a creepy harmonica and off-key chords that will guide you safely through the Transylvanian hills of horror.

3. world tomorrow - armando sciascia

Theme from the TV series. First released on Sciascia's own record label Vedette and then also on Ember Records. Terrific orchestral television theme from 1966.

11. la la la - raymond lefevre

For me he will always be the composer of Louis de Funes' "Les gendarmes de Saint-Tropez". In 1968 he sounded completely different though. A Spanish guitar is chasing away the girls singing "La la la" but then they return even stronger. When the strings and the horns appear, they are quickly beaten again by the flamenco guitar and the joyful "La la la" singing choir. This must be French!

4. the tiger bossa nova - roefie hueting's down town jazz band

Dutch jazz combo formed in the 50s. They recorded this catchy bossa nova instrumental in 1963 for CBS.

12. hobo flats - jimmy smith

Both parts of this funky jazz instrumental sleaziness are on this Verve Records release from 1963 by perhaps the best Hammond organ player in the 1960s.

5. soul bossa - the alan moorhouse orchestra

No, not Quincy Jones' "Soul bossa nova" from 1962. It's a bossa nova tune you would expect to hear in a 1970 Italian movie. Producer Bob Barratt, who can mostly found on Hawaiian sounding recordings, also wrote this instrumental.

13. decouverte - roger pouly

Self-penned instrumental television theme from 1977. Despite the loud funky horns and the groovy bass lines it is a fine example of how good seventies television themes could be.

6. el picador - bob moore

Instrumental ode to a Mexican bull fighter from 1961. Bob Moore was best known for his version of "Mexico", also released on Monument in the US and on London in Europe. See also vol 228.

14. main theme from rhythm & greens - the shadows

A terrific tune by the UK kings of instrumental guitar rock. Fantastic R&B with lots of "oh baby" and "yeah baby" from 1964 on Columbia.

7. secret love - art mooney

Hully gully surf reads the label. It's actually a big band conducted by Art Mooney. It's not schmaltzy however. It's like they hired Andre Brasseur to play the organ solo. A French release on Kapp Records.

15. treasure of san miguel - herb alpert

If you listen very carefully you can hear a fuzz guitar and bass, yet pushed back by the trumpets. Alpert co-founded A&M Records with Jerry Moss (Herb is the A of A&M). No further information necessary, but you may also check out vols 106 and 109.

8. theme from the odd couple - the brass ring

A swinging version of Herb Alpert from New York, cashing in on the "Now Sound" from 1968. This theme is from the 1968 movie starring Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau. A Dunhill release.

16. baby elephant walk - kai winding

Funny version of Mancini's "Baby elephant walk' by the orchestra of Danish trombone virtuso Winding. This is a 1962 Verve release.