"Instro desperado" - 16 instrumental killers from 1958-1970


In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE208
"Every Friday the 13th I spin these sixteen haunting instrumentals before I go out on a killing spree. No mercy for this desperado...

1. desperados - the tramps

The record sleeve wasn't very promising, but oh boy, was I glad I took this EP home, for this twangy instrumental is a killer! And yes, it is from Belgium. See also vols 14, 15 and 210 for more Tramps.

9. ridin' the wind - the tramps

I only knew the 1962 version by The Tornados written by their guitar player George Bellamy. It's on the same EP that also gave us the wonderful "Desperados". Another track from this EP can be found on vol 210.

2. renegade - the rebs

This reminds me of early Wailers and Frantics. Splendid rock 'n' roll instrumental from 1958 on Capitol. B-side of "Bunky".

10. bunky - the rebs

This side is more like Johnny & The Hurricanes. Obviously I prefer the flipside. But "Bunky" is simply too good to be ignored.

3. in the midnight hour - mongo santamaria

Two Steve Cropper compositions on both sides. Side A contains "Green onions", this side is Wilson Pickett's "In the midnight hour", released in 1969 on CBS.

11. green onions - mongo santamaria

Great Latin boogaloo funk instrumental by Ramon Santamaria. Both sides of this single also appear on his "Soul bag" album.

4. rock candy - jack mcduff

Hammond organ virtuoso and band leader from the Chicago jazz and blues scene who recorded this uptempo blues-jazz instrumental for Prestige. This is from the French EP on Columbia in 1963.

12. premiere surprise-partie - claude bolling

Four hully-gully instrumentals on this 1963 EP on Philips. Bolling was a prolific pianist and an important composer as well.  His "Strange magic" (see vol 121) from 1970 is a sought-after single, especially for the mod scene.

5. lady in cement - hugo montenegro

The B-side contains the fabulous "Tony's theme", which appears on many compilations. This theme from the movie "Lady in cement", starring Raquel Welch and Frank Sinatra, is brilliant as well. Issued by 20th Century Fox Records in 1968.

13. woodchopper's ball - hugo montenegro

This instrumental first appeared in 1962 on his "Boogie woogie + bongos" album. Four years later it was also granted a single release on Disques Vogue in France. As the album title suggested, it is a bongo boogiewoogie tune.

6. vendredi 13 - alain goraguer

Movie composer and jazz pianist Goraguer was also known als Milton Lewis. In 1963 Maurice Labro directed the movie "Blague dans le coin" starring Fernandel and a small role for Nancy Holloway.

14. generique maona - alain goraguer

Exotic madness by Alain Goraguer and his orchestra for the 1963 movie "Blague dans le coin".  "Shoes rock", "Upper cut" and "Vendredi 13" are the other songs on this magnificent EP.

7. tequila with a twist - ray anthony & his bookends

The song title says it all: it's Tequila in a twist mood. Ray Anthony recorded one album and a single with The Bookends and I must admit it's one of his best releases. A Capitol release from 1962.

15. listen here - brian auger & the trinity

A fuzz guitar, a heavy bass, a swinging Hammond organ and a catchy tune turn this 1970 recording into one of his best songs. An RCA Victor release.

8. yours and mine - james brown & the fabulous flames

Torching ballad by the King of Soul from 1965 that also appeared on his 1967 album "Raw soul". A Bethlehem release, but also issued on Durium and Federal.

16. poon thang thumb pt1 - m.a.s.o.

Okay, I cheated as this single was released in 2007. But it sounds like it's 1973.Top class instrumental funk exotica.