"Hypnopopcorn" - 16 hypnotizing popcorn pearls


In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE207
"Now that I've got a woman, cigarettes are good for my nerves. I'm hypnotized by onion rings on a blue moon..."

1. it hurts to be in love - gene pitney

In 1960 his career started, slowly but surely he became a big name in showbusiness. This is one of the few Pitney singles I like (such as "She's a heartbreaker"). Recorded in 1963 for Musicor. My Dutch copy came out on CBS.

9. hypnotized - kenny barry

Another popcorn gem that always works on dancefloors all over Europe. It's the only single I have on Mem Records and also the only Kenny Barry record I own.

2. touch of love - the enchanters

Slow doo-wop from 1959. It's the B-side of the magnificent "Cafe bohemian", an all-time fave of mine. This Los Angeles vocal group changed their name to The Safaris a year later (see vol 244). Released on Orbit.

10. cha cha cha n1 - juan tirado

Excellent cha-cha-cha instrumental from 1954 by Juan Tirado and his Mambo Orchestra as B-side of his self-penned "Dorotea". Released on Derby, a New York record label founded in 1949.

3. now i've got a woman - freddy king

Albert King, B.B. King and Freddy King: the three kings of Chicago blues. He moved from Dallas up north to Chicago. I particularly like his 1960s period on Federal Records, like this one from 1964.

11. cobra-dub - kashan band

Seventies dub-reggae instrumental version of The Skatalites' song written by Rolando Alphonso. The Kashan Band was a Belgian outfit. Released on Disco Smash.

4. get away - bud landon & the rhythm masters

Finger lickin' good Texan rocker from 1967. First of two singles he cut for Belle Records.

12. blue moon - jackie kelso

Released by Mambo on a 10" shellac and in Belgium by Ronnex as a 7" in 1955. Kelso was a gifted tenor saxophone player from Los Angeles.

5. woman is a man's best friend - teddy & the twilights

He cut three singles for Swan Records in 1962. "I'm just your clown" and "Running around town" were the first songs I heard, but I prefer this B-side of doowop ballad "Goodbye to love".

13. bam cuoi nha binh - dia ba phat hanh

This must be Vietnamese and I'm told it is some kind of a wedding song. Was this 60s? Or 70s? I have no clue whatsoever.

6. don't talk baby - joan malone

One of the finest popcorn tunes I know, originally released on Cuca Records. Pee Wee King wrote the song and it's his band backing the relatively unknown Malone.

14. cigarettes - lonnie duvall

On this promo release it's coupled with "Street walker" while the regular Hip Records release features a different flipside: "Your mother and daddy are right". This soulful pop tune was recorded in 1968.

7. my nerves - little willie john

Finger snapping popcorn r&b sleaze from 1956, the follow-up of one of the best songs ever written: "Fever". He was jailed after stabbing somebody, got out on parole thanks to James Brown but had to go back to prison and died there a while later in 1968.

15. onion rings - freddy king

B-side of "Now I've got a woman", "Onion rings" is an excellent jazzy blues instrumental that ought to be played right after "Green onions".

8. you threw a lucky punch - gene chandler

Mary Wells sang "You beat me to the punch" and his answer was "You threw a lucky punch" in 1962, his terrific second single after his mega hit seller "Duke of Earl".  Eugene Dixon  was his real name.

16. i found a million dollar baby in a five and dime store - mills brothers

Four brothers in a vocal group from Ohio that started in 1928 already. They recorded this in 1958 as if rock 'n' roll never happened and guess what: it works for me.