"Sugar puddin' " - 16 sweet electric sugar tunes for the soul


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"A good soul song is an aphrodisiac, even at a price of 20c a copy..."

1. aphrodisiac - the p.c.o.

The P.C.O. aka Pop Concerto Orchestra with one of their many fabulous Moog instrumentals with an important role for a fuzz guitar. This B-side of "Only a souvenir" is one of their best efforts. It was released in several counties on various record labels such as Delphine, Disc'AZ, Derby and on RCA Victor, all in 1974.

9. back in the ussr - cliff bennett

It's a fair version of "Back in the USSR", although no version can beat the original. This 1968 release came out on Odeon. I'm not sure if this release featured his backing band The Rebel Rousers.

2. peaches 'n cream - the ikettes

Also known as The Mirettes and The Artettes these three young women were a vocal backing trio for Ike & Tina Turner. I particularly like this uptempo soul stomper from 1965.

10. funky football - harvey scales & the seven sounds

Remember his "Love-itis" and flipside "Get down"? This super funky ode to football from 1970 is the flipside to "Get down 1970", an update from three years later. A fantastic Chess release.

3. whip it on me - alvin cash

Alvin "Cash" Welch was not only a singer and producer but an actor as well in a few blaxploitation movies. This is an early B-side and one of his finest funky soul dancers. A 1968 release on Toddlin' Town.

11. come the day - short '66

Dutch beat band from the late 60s, formed in 1966, that started on the Relax label. This Decca 45 is one of their final releases.

4. sugar puddin' - percy sledge

His second single on Atlantic from 1966, the year of his breakthrough single "When a man loves a woman".  This midtempo soulful B-side is not like most of his cheesy tunes.

12. price 20c a copy - potliquor

Perhaps the most soul sounding song by this southern rock outfit from Louisiana.  This B-side of their second single is my fave song by this Baton Rouge band. Enjoy that organ! A 1971 release on Stateside.

5. she's the one - the chartbusters

This is the original version by the band that was also known as The Manchesters. I first heard this song on a Les TÍtes Blanches 45 from 1965 (see vol 17). The Chartbusters recorded this beat classic in 1964 for Mutual Record Co.

13. jerk - the shake spears

I still don't know why it's entitled "Jerk", while it is a rendition of Sam Cooke's "Shake". This Zimbabwe (ex-Rhodesia) band moved to Europe and even stayed in Belgium for a while with members like Brian and Gene Latter. A 1966 release on many labels: Ronnex, RT Club, Ruby, Melody, Moonglow,...

6. the grooviest girl in the world - the tony hendrik

Originally by The Fun And Games from 1968, this German beat band from Cologne recorded an excellent cover version a year later for the German division of Vogue.

14. slippin' thru your fingers - the chartbusters

Formerly The Manchesters this beat combo released a handful of interesting 45s. This flipside of their excellent and original version of "She's the one" is a fine Merseybeat song from 1964, released on Mutual Record Co.

7. the lively one - vince edwards

This always reminds me of Cat Stevens in his "Kitty" period. One of the very few decent Edwards tracks from his early days. He recorded it in 1967 for United Artists. His big hits included "Thanks" and his part in the UK production of "Hair".

15. i got no time - orange peel

One album and one single is all that's left of this short-lived German band. The psychedelic rock tune "I got no time" was released on various labels, such as Reflection, First, Columbia and Admiral, in  1970.

8. i ain't giving up nothing - bernard byers

Wonderful uptempo r&b tune from 1962. He had another V-Tone single in 1963 and better known "No time to cry".

16. move with the virojacks - the virojacks

The band of Marc Dex, who had a solo career as well, but not worthy to mention here. He's the brother of Juul Kabas and father of Barbara Deckx. It's the wildest thing he ever recorded, albeit five years too late. In 1971 nobody was interested in this kind of music anymore. A Monopole release.