"Irresistible hips" - 16 irresistible hipshakers from 1955-1967


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"Geraldine with the sugar hips doin' the ghost hop and the watusi with Marie at the moonlight garden stomp..."

1. marie - andy field

A pseudonym for the popular Johnny Hoes from Rotterdam, Netherlands. This is the B-side of "Come on guitar", a lovely boppin' tune from 1959 on Decca.

9. the ghost hop - the surfmen

I buy each and every single on the Titan label. So far I haven't bought a bad one. This ghastly surf instrumental should be played at every Halloween party. See vol 251 for the flipside. A Titan release from 1962.

2. geraldine - jack scott

Pretty solid rocker from 1958 by Canadian Jack Scott who gave us "The way I walk" which was covered by The Cramps on their first single in 1978.  The backing vocals were sung by The Chantones.

10. golly zonk! - scat man crothers

Golly Zonk! It's Scat man! Benjamin Crothers was already 56 years old when he recorded this r&b stomper. I just don't understand why it's only a B-side. A 1966 Hanna-Barbera release.

3. irresistable you - bobby peterson

An irresistable R&B tune from 1960 by Bobby Peterson who later also joined Natural Life at the end of the '70s.  But you really ought to check out the Bobby Peterson Quintet releases, certainly the ones on V-Tone.

11. doin' the watusi - the flares

Stompin' watusi doo-wop jerk by The Flares on Press Records as flipside to "The twist". This reminds me of The Cadets in their "Stranded in the jungle" days. A London Records release from 1963.

4. sugar hips - louisiana red

Aka Rocky Fuller, but born Iverson Minter in Alabama.  He played the harmonica and the guitar on this wonderful instrumental from 1964. A Glover release.

12. oboe mambo - machito

Mitch Miller plays the oboe on this wild mambo instrumental, a rare B-side from 1957 on Fontana. Machito played the maracas on this recording. Cuban born Francisco Raúl Gutiérrez Grillo moved to New York and founded his band, The Afro-Cubans in 1940 and changed his nickname from Macho to Machito.

5. i concentrate on you - dinah washington

Big name, big lady, big star from Alabama, Ruth Lee Jones died in 1963 after an overdose of pills. As Dinah Washington she became one of the greatest female blues and jazz singers. In 1960 she recorded an album entitled "I concentrate on you", but the song was already issued as a 45 in 1955.

13. gay merengue - xavier cugat

A spicy hot merengue with a cha cha sauce by the master himself. This appeared on two different EP's in 1957, both on Philips. The other EP is entitled "Ritmo tropical" and was issued in France.

6. stroll me - kay starr

Lurid beat jazz tune from 1958 by Katherine Starks from Oklahoma. A frantic guitar solo and a seductive rhythm was all I needed to be convinced this is a great 45.

14. moonlight garden stomp - rusty bryant

A fabulous jazz saxophone player from West-Virginia who started recording in the early 50s for Dot Records. This B-side of "The honeydripper" is a wild sax r&b instrumental from 1955.

7. let me do my twist - jo an campbell & joey dee & the starliters

Call it mainstream pop, still it is much better than 90% of the crap you hear on the radio. Campbell (of "I've told every little star" fame) rocks and twists and shakes in 100 seconds to the end of this marvelous tune. A 1961 release on Roulette.

15. jersey's bounce - earl bostic

"Jersey bounce" is a terrific jazzy R&B instrumental on a B-side from 1961. But it already appeared on his 1958 album "Bostic rocks".

8. six mile climb - bud landon & the rhythm masters

Texan hillbilly singer from Denver City who recorded three singles for Belle Records in 1967 with his Rhythm Masters.

16. comin' down - jackie shane

The B-side of his masterpiece "In my tenement" is also a wonderful popcorn tune, written by Bobby Darin. He recorded it for Sue Records in 1963.