"On The Move" - 16 zonked instrumentals for the criminally obsessed


In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE202
"From Caribbean bossa to flamingos on the move in Curaçao, this obsession for swingin' creepers is a privilege for marimba lovers and hitch-hiking stalactites..."

1. zonked - red prysock

The rarest single of Red Prysock, Arthur's brother. "Red" Wilburt plays the tenor sax while marimbas are taking the lead. A magnificent 1955 R&B instrumental on Mercury. See also vol 257.

9. hang 'em high - domenic frontiere

The author's original version of the famous movie theme, which he wrote in 1967. The movie starring Clint Eastwood was first shown a year later. There are so many versions of this theme, but I'll always have a weak spot for this original version.

2. bossa nova momza - red west combo

Is this the best single on Santo Records? The flipside (see vol 198) is an instrumental version of "My babe". I absolutely love this exotic instrumental from 1963, certainly during the organ break towards the end.

10. giving to you - traffic

Instrumental B-side of their single "Paper Sun" from 1967. A slightly different version was released on their "Mr Fantasy" album. Featuring Dave Mason, Jim Capaldi and Steve Winwood.

3. the swingin' creeper - the boston

No version can beat the original by The Ventures. Nevertheless this is a fantastic rendition from 1970 on the Cornet label by The Boston, also known as The Boston Show Band, which was active from 1966 till 1973.

11. hitch-hike - the boston

Mix Andre Brasseur with Davie Allan in a Jess & James production and you'll get this sound. B-side of "The swingin' creeper", also on this volume.

4. obsession - david ede & the go man, go men

Twangy guitar instrumental with horns from 1961 by the man who also gave us a great rendition of "Last night".

12. bootnik - david ede & the go man, go men

The better side. It sounds like The Shadows meets Sandy Nelson. Great B-side of "Obsession". A 1961 Pye Records release. See also vol 160.

5. little brown jug - the belairs

"Mr. Moto" can be found on many compilation albums, but not this flipside. These surf instrumentals are from their first of two singles. A 1962 release on Arvee.

13. privilege for organ - bud hunga & his diplomatic music

B-side of "Diplomatic fingers" (see vol 200), the fabulous single by Roland Thyssen as Bud Hunga from 1970. This Belgian organ player recorded many fantastic instrumentals (remember his version of "Big Nick", which became Nino Ferrer's "Les cornichons"). A Blue Jeans release.

6. curacao - skitch henderson & the tonight show orchestra

Twangy guitar pickin' instrumental with a flute. Lyle Henderson was already 47 years old when this was released in 1965 on CBS.

14. nothin' - bob & jerry

This reminds me of Billy Mure's early recordings. It's a weird guitar instrumental from 1958, known in France as "Lune a tic". See also vol 200 for the magnificent A-side.

7. stalactite - les frangins

Originally a guitar instrumental by Les Aiglons, this Moog version from 1975 is also wonderful. The twanging guitar is superb as well. An Omega International release.

15. flamingo - earl bostic

This important jazz and blues saxophonist (just listen to Coltrane and you know what I mean) was already 40 years old when he cut this tune  in 1953. A King release in the US and on Parlophone in Europe.

8. caribbean - david carroll

Early 60s pop tune by this US studio arranger who was a musical director for Mercury Records in the days he recorded this song.  The Jack Haloran Singers are doing the vocals here; they often recorded with Ray Charles in those days. A 1961 release on Mercury.

16. on the move - the dave clarke five

A real cheapo because of the A-side "Catch us if you can". But please please please turn over to the other side. "On the move" will remind you of a sleazy version of The Rumblers' "Boss" that was used by The Cramps for their "Garbageman". Both sides of this 1965 Epic release also appear on the soundtrack album of "Having a wild weekend".