"Hot Rod Queen Bees" - 16 scorching hot 45s from 1951-1965


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"Blue Horizon, Jet, Hep, Vaden, Pontiac, René, Space, Emerge, Victory... and other record labels from the early days of rock 'n' roll"

1. that's what i call a ball - larry donn

Pretty solid rockabilly stomper from 1959 with a boogiewoogie piano and a frantic guitar.  Larry Donn Gillihan hailed from Arkansas and was 18 years old when he recorded this cool rocker for Vaden Records.

9. hot dog - pico pete

Flipside to "Chicken little", this 1956 rockabilly scorcher is perhaps the best hep cat tune he ever recorded. Released on the Jet label.

2. girl and a hot rod - richie deran & the new tones

For greasers and teasers who only want two things in life: a girl and a hotrod. Label was Pontiac Records! This uptempo rocker was released in 1960.

10. little willie - richie deran & the new tones

Almost as wild as the flipsde "Girl on a hot rod". I love this 1960 tune on Pontiac.

3. fried potatoes - the creepers

It's 95% Green Onions, 4% Mashed Potatoes and 1% creepiness which means I absolutely love this crude 1965 rocker on René Records.

11. jammin' granny - the creepers

A 1965 rockabilly song recorded in a garage by these youngsters on the obscure René Records. Flipside is "Fried potatoes".

4. don't quit me baby - screaming joe neal

Creepy ballad from 1964 by this screamer who was best known for his "Rock 'n' roll deacon". This B-side of "She's my baby" is hot hot hot. An Emerge Records release.

12. she's my baby - screaming joe neal

Red hot R&B recording from 1964 on Emerge Records; other unknown gems on that label are Anthony & the Delsonics, Mal Adams & The Cashmeres, Jim Pipkins & The Boss Five, …

5. queen bee - the orbits

The Space label released only one single in 1959, incredibly hard to find. Luckily this crazy rocker was reissued. The Orbits hailed from St. Cloud in Minnesota and recorded a second single a while later on Gaity, as by Tommy Lee & The Orbits.

13. darlin' - the orbits

B-side of "Queen bee" on the tiny Space label. A fine teen rocker from 1959.

6. jezebel - the strangers

I know there's also a release on the Teener label. My copy is on Victory, both from 1965. These beatboys are Danish. They delivered a fantastic version of "Jezebel".

14. extacy - the strangers

Written by Chuck Berry? Never heard it! This B-side of their splendid version of "Jezebel" is not so wild. Still it's only available on this incredibly hard to find single from 1959.

7. buzz buzz buzz - hollywood flames

This vocal group included big names like Earl Nelson and Bobby Byrd. They formed in 1948 already. This 1957 release on Ebb is one of their finest. My fave Flames tune is still "Strollin' on the beach".

15. bradshaw boogie - tiny bradshaw

Boppin' boogie tune from 1951, one of Bradshaw's best.  He's best known for his "The train kept a-rollin'" on King Records. Born and raised in Ohio, he died 7 years later, only 53 years old.

8. aw c'mon baby - myron lee & the caddies

Fierce hollerin' rocker with a haunting sax on the B-side of the magnificent "Homicide". Hailing from Minnesota. A 1958 release on Hep Records.

16. cookie and coke - the ventures

One of the rarest Ventures releases.  Don Wilson is the singer on this unbelievable 1960 hillbilly tune. Also the flipside, "The real McCoy" is totally un-Ventures. But... this was their first release, on Blue Horizon 100. Then followed Blue Horizon 101, featuring the millionseller "Walk don't run". And the rest is history.