"Bad Blood Women" - 16 incredible songs from 1948-1975 on 7" records


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"I'm gonna make you cry with these tunes that began in Havana for troublemakers, vampires, bad blood women and Cadillacs with diplomatic fingers..."

1. diplomatic fingers - bud hunga & his diplomatic music

Incredible psychedelic organ smasher with a heavy fuzz guitar and a rumblin' bass. This instrumental is one of the best ever to emerge from Belgium. It was released in 1970 on Blue Jeans Records. The organ was played by the inimitable Roland Thyssen.

9. i'm gonna make you cry - the impacs

What a monster r&b track this is! Fast & furious from the start. It is simply impossible not to dance when I spin this platter. A Parkway release from 1962.
2. it began in havana - freddy martin

It first appeared on his 1948 release "Rhythm from Latin America", a 4x10" on RCA Victor, which also contains a terrific version of "Misirlou" and several years later as a 3x7" box set without "It began in Havana" though. Then followed this "Lush & Latin" EP on Capitol.

10. women and cadillacs - the nite riders

First released on Apollo but also licenced to Ronnex Records from Belgium in 1954, this fast stompin' rocker was recorded by Doc Starkes' backing band who also played the trombone.

3. keep talkin' - chris montez

Underestimated bossa B-side of "Time after time", a 1966 single by Ezekiel Montanez from L.A. better known as  Chris Montez of "Let's dance" fame.
11. little boy sad - the pirates

Excellent Johnny Burnette cover from 1966, originally from 1960. Are these Pirates the backing band of Johnny Kidd? I'm not so sure. A Deaux Records release.

4. le martien fantome - bob & jerry

Alright, I cheated. This is actually their own "Ghost satellite" with a different title on this French release. It still remains one of the very best space rock instrumentals from the space age, released in 1958 on Pye, but first on Rendezvous. See also vol 202 for the flipside "Nothin'", aka  "Lune a tic".

12. black poncho is coming - hollis floyd

Supposedly released in 1975 although it sounds like late 60s, this boogaloo instrumental (with a vocal intro) is perfect for any Latin party. People on the dancefloor will be grateful. A Shilloh recording.

5. my son, the vampire - allan sherman

Allan Copelon aka Sherman sang a lot of novelty tunes about "my son". This time his son is a vampire, a hilarious song from 1963 on Warner Bros. On other releases his son was a nut, a folk singer, a celebrity,…

13. dig myself a hole - arthur 'big boy' crudup

Some say: without Big Boy no Elvis… This Mississippi delta blues guitarist was a pioneer for wilder guitar playing. Originally released on a 1951 10" shellac, but Fire Records picked it up in 1961 for a 7" release.

6. oriental rock 'n' roll - louis payne orchestra

It's the only Louis Payne single I know, released on the small yet fabulous Saxony label. This crazy instrumental rocker was recorded in 1955.

14. i say love - barbara lewis

What a terrific popcorn tune on Atlantic, home of many a fabulous rhythm & blues singer. This B-side of hit single "Baby, I'm yours" is one of her best. Recorded in 1965.

7. gemini 4 - the what four

I can't but love this weird "Meek-on-LSD" instrumental from 1965. A Reprise release. See vol 199 for more info.
15. she's a troublemaker - the majors

A feel-good doo-wop tune on Imperial Records. This vocal band was also known as The Versatiles, from Philadelphia. Recorded in 1962.

8. bad blood - the coasters

One of my favourite Coasters songs. It was recorded in 1961 and was also featured on the 1962 album "Coast along". The Los Angeles doo-wop scene would never been that big without this vocal foursome. An Atco release.
16. wing-ding - joey dee & the starliters

Another underestimated B-side by a famous artist. This instrumental is the best he ever recorded! It's the flipside to his Johnny Nash cover version of "What kind of love this is". A 1962 Roulette release.