"Desert Walk" - 16 wonderful walks from the desert to the beach in 1960-1971


In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE199
"From psychedelic beach walks to bongo-beatin' desert strolls I stay devoted to my own bad case of gooood taste..."

1. theme of the centuries - the centuries

What a nice novelty guitar instrumental this is. These must be the same Centuries that gave us "The outer limits" and "4th dimension" as Tommy Falcone was the producer. From 1963 on Carlton.

9. so i'm wrong and you're right - the blues magoos

"The people had no faces" is one of my favourite Blues Magoos songs; this is the flipside from their debut single. New York garage gone psychedelic. A 1966 Verve Folkways release.

2. night surf - the what four

Moody surf instrumental recorded after midnight at a deserted beach. This was their sole release. A 1965 release on Reprise Records.

10. land of make believe - jennifer's friends

Excellent dreamy popsike song from 1968. It appeared on the flipside of their sole 45.

3. desert walk - jim ford & the starfires

Unbelievably fantastic popcorn instrumental from 1960 on Drumfire. I hardly know anything about this singer.

11. anniversary hop - the centuries

Fabulous flipside to "Theme of the centuries", also on this volume. I love this guitar instrumental that should've been on one of the "Strummin' mental" comps.

4. a different drummer - les crane

Easy to find but completely ignored B-side of "Desiderata" from 1971. On his "Desiderata" album this song's called "Independence". Lesley Stein aka Les Crane can be compared with Ken Nordine. I love listening to songs like this after midnight.

12. if you gotta go - mae west

"Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?" is her infamous quote. Both sides of this garage beat single are also on the 1966 "Way out west" album recorded with Somebody's Chyldren. See also vol 198.

5. cheryll ann - tim tam & the turn-ons

A vocal surf song that reminds me of a beat version of Frankie Valli. It's 1966 and this kind of music was already disappearing from the charts. A Palmer release.

13. fresh hot breeze of summer - the samurai

Excellent Japanese freakbeat from 1969. It's the only single I know and it was issued by United Artists Records in Italy. Perhaps this is the same band as Samurai that released the 1970 album "Samurai" and "Kapp" from 1971, both prog rock.

6. bongo stomp - little joey & the flips

I must admit: I bought this 45 because of the title. Sadly I can't hear a lot of bongos. Lucky for me it's a nice doo-wop song. Recorded in 1962. On vol 193 you can find the flipside.

14. your nose is gonna grow - johnny crawford

A 1962 release on Del-Fi that reached the charts in the US but failed to get any attention in Europe. A feel-good pop tune that happens to pop up at popcorn parties.

7. i'm so devoted - the epsilons

Quite rare debut 45 by this Washington DC soul outfit. They recorded this utterly cool tune in 1966 for Shrine Records. A-side is the also brilliant "Mad ad the world".

15. got the water boilin' - tommy bruce & the bruisers

Recorded in 1960 for his debut single on Columbia and reissued on a 1978 EP. He was quite popular in the UK in the early 60s. You can actually hear the water boilin' throughout the song.

8. yakety axe - chet atkins

Fast finger-pickin' guitar instrumental from 1965 by the legendary "Mr. Guitar" and his everpresent Gretsch Country Gentleman.

16. think - the barry goldberg blues band

After leaving Steve Miller (Golderg-Miller Blues Band) he founded his own band and this was the result: an excellent blues rock tune in 1966 already, preceding many big names. Both sides appear on his album "Blowing my mind".