"Fools don't laugh" - 16 first class examples of 60s beat, popcorn and R&B


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"If you don't like these wailin' wonders of 60s extravaganza, that's your problem, it ain't mine. Then you're a fool and fools don't laugh..."

1. that's your problem (it ain't mine) - lance fox & the bloodhounds

Garage rock outfit from New York City I know absolutely nothing about. I only know they only had this Bang Records release in 1966.

9. you got love - lance fox & the bloodhounds

You may call it a garage power ballad. Both songs were self-penned, but had no success whatsoever, so no more 45s would follow. Such a pity…

2. i can take care of myself - gene chandler

Gene "Duke of Earl" from Chicago went from r&b and soul to funk and disco. Here is his 1969 DJ single for Constellation Records, written by Van "The hustle" McCoy.

10. i can't save it - gene chandler

At northern soul parties this flipside's a dance floor favourite for scooterists. I agree it's better than "I can take care of myself". Vespa disco avant la lettre.

3. hey-hey-hey - dave baby cortez

Black organ player who had a chart topper with "The Happy organ" in 1958 is here with a 1959 instrumental released on Emit. His real surname was Clowney, thus he co-wrote both sides of this single.

11. fiesta - dave baby cortez

Popcorn instrumental tune from 1962 by David Cortez Clowney and his Happy Organ who had his first hit single in 1958. His second big hit was "Rinky dink", the follow-up single of this 1962 release on Emit.

4. hoggin' - sonny cox

Terrific uptempo soul instro monster from 1966 on the Cadet label by  the fantastic Sonny Cox. Both sides are killer tunes!

12. the wailer - sonny cox

This side is mid tempo soul jazz for wanton wailers in a smoky juke joint down town in 1966 New York. Unbelievable Hammond groove jazz instrumental with a leading sax.

5. doctor feel-good - dr. feelgood & the interns

Rhythm & blues by the legendary blues pianist Doctor Feelgood with his Interns. Born William Lee Perryman he was also known as Piano Red.

13. mister moonlight - dr. feelgood & the interns

I prefer this exotic flipside on this 1962 Okey release. Both sides are also featured on his eponymous debut album.

6. satin and lace - the james gang

Not to be confused with James Gang, the band featuring Tommy Bolin and Joe Walsh. Easy going beat B-side from 1966. I think this was their second and last release.

14. the right string but the wrong yo-yo - the james gang

A vicious garage blues version of Herbert Hunter's 1962 Hit Records single.

7. she don't wanna dance - the romans

With or without Little Caesar, this rock 'n' roll slop tune from 1961 is much better than first expected. A Del-Fi Records release.

15. those oldies but goodies (remind me of you) - little caesar & the romans

Although it was a chart success in the US, it's not well known abroad. It's feel-good-music, doo-wop style. Little Caesar was David Johnson, one of the five vocalists. This Los Angeles band sometimes performed wearing togas. A 1961 Del-Fi release.

8. i know the meaning - rose st. john & the wonderettes

Very rare promo release of this northern soul song from 1966, released by Veep Records.

16. fools don't laugh - rose st. john & the wonderettes

She had another 45 on United Artists, Veep's parent label. "Mend my broken heart" from 1965. There's also a single by The Wonderettes from 1965 on United Artists, "I feel strange". The Wonderettes recorded one more 45 in 1967, backing Johnnie Mae Matthews.