"Nuts & pony cake" - 16 notorious nutcases unleashed from 1959-1969 


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"Monkeys and tigers in a drag going nuts over gherkin cake and bubbles on the moon..."

1. nuts - al shapiro

Ska instrumental big band song from the early 70s and yes it's from Belgium. Written by Jean-Marie Sluszny from the band El Chicles, which also featured Ralph Benatar who wrote the flipside "Bip bip".

9. delilah - the frantics

My two favorite Frantics instrumentals are "Werewolf" and "The whip". This exotica marimba tune is the flip to "The whip". Mix Duane Eddy and Martin Denny and you get "Delilah". Fabulous 1960 Dolton release.

2. bubbles - the diaboliques

Easy jazz instro from 1963 on the obscure Merri label. It's loosely based on "The blob" by The Five Blobs.

10. birdland - the diaboliques

Saucy jazz instro jerk for any stripjoint around. Scorching sax and frantic guitar licks make this side better than "Bubbles".

3. tiger dance - birds and the bees

Rare Belgian single from 1968 on Disques Vogue. I assume this popsike release was from a studio-only project of Sylvain Vanholme. That same year he formed Wallace Collection that had a world wide hit with "Daydream". He was also active in different other bands such as Silver Trust, Two Man Sound and Sylvester's Team.

11. you can't have your cake and eat it too - ike & dee dee johnson

Delores "Dee Dee" Johnson with the help of Ike Turner, who wrote both sides of this rare 45, an Innis release from 1964.

4. don't monkey with the pony - the apes

Great instrumental r&b tune with loads of sax and organ sounds combining two dance crazes, the monkey and the pony. A 1964 Mercury release.

12. tarzan's monkey - the apes

This side is oh so fantastic. Sleazy popcorn instrumental with hilarious "Me Tarzan, you Jane" breaks. A Wavy Gravy approved nutcase.

5. i ain't got the feeling - oscar benton blues band

A blues rocker from 1969 that also appeared on their second album "The blues is gonna wreck my life".

13. the drag - ike & dee dee johnson

Underestimated r&b instrumental flipside by Ike Turner.

6. flower power rok - debby

The entire title is "Ding dong lama sing song teeny weeny flower power rok". "Itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polkadot bikini" has its answer song, straight from the Netherlands 1967. Blonde singer Debby recorded a couple of 45s, all sung in Dutch.

14. that's part of the game - the daytrippers

Released in 1967 on American Music Makers and on Karate Records b/w "You cheated", which already reappeared on "Wyld Sydes vol 3".  I think this garage-meets-soul 45 was their sole output.

7. ich will keine sauren gurken - die travellers

Remake of "Ich will keine Schokolade", instead of chocolate he's singing he doesn't want any gherkins.This German novelty tune is too crazy to be true. A 1959 Ariola release.

15. rocket to the moon - the astro-notes

It sounds like 1957 yet it's a 1967 release on Troubadour. Release number is APOLLO11, really. Novelty rocker about the landing on the moon.

8. have you seen my wife - oscar benton blues band

Dutch blues band that released five albums in the late 60s and early 70s. This blues rock song is the B-side of " I ain't got the feeling". A 1969 release on Decca.

16. azrial - the nice

B-side of their debut single "The thoughts of Emerlist Davjack", also the title of their first album, from 1967. Perhaps the best known art-rock band from the UK in the 60s. One year later they scored a big hit with "America", adding classical elements in their popsike art-rock. I can't explain why this song works for me and all the rest does not.