"Jezebel con leche" - 16 mondo weirdo songs from half a century ago


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"From Bollywood to the Red Sea, from Antwerp to the Congo, everywhere you can find incredibly strange music..."

1. yaari hai - bappi lahiri

From the 1978 movie "Shikshaa" comes this psycho-disco Bollywood stomper with nods to Boney M and Deep Purple. Singer Lahiri was born in 1952 and recorded his first songs in the early 70s. Full title is "Yaari hai phoolon se meri yaari hai".

9. hajji baba - david the red sea singer

This was his second best recording, a slow exotic tune driven by the Tos drum, played by David Cohen himself. From 1967 on Whamm. For his best song, see vol 148.

2. mokr bhool gaye - lata mangeshkar

EP from the 1952 black and  white Bollywood movie "Baiju Bawra". No one has recorded more songs than Lata Mangeshkar, probably more than 30 000. Number two is Mohamed Rafi with 28 000 songs and then Asha Bhosle with 12 000 known recordings.

10. caravan - joe valino

Splendid vocal version of "Caravan" by Joe Paolino aka Joe Valino. His version was released in 1956.

3. rockin' celinto - sam samson

B-side of instrumental "Crazy rancho rock" (see vol 184). This fast twistin' rocker from 1961 was recorded by saxophonist Jack Sels and guitarist Freddy Sunder, both Belgian musicians from the city of Antwerp.

11. jezebel - davy jones

Who the hell was this Davy Jones. There are a million Davy Jones in the world. This one was backed by the Johnny Keating Orchestra and thus he delivered a fine version of Wayne Shanklin's classic "Jezebel in 1962.

4. cafe con leche - la lupe

Latin soul singer from Cuba who also sang many guaracha, salsa and bolero songs. A song about coffee with milk from a 1969 promo single on Tico.

12. sweet sweet love - j.c. davis

B-side of Jungle Exotica classic "Monkey", by James C. Davis who started as a saxophone player for James Brown and Hank Ballard. This is uptempo r&b for the dance floor. He also gave us songs like "The splib".

5. fiesta guarracha - jose rubery y los tohangos

The only self-penned song on this 4-track EP on Panorama. Exciting Latin vibes from France, sung in Spanish.

13. na wely boboto - african jazz

African world-funk jazz combo in Miriam Makeba style from the mid-60s (I think) although I think the musicians and singer came from Congo. It's the first release on the African Jazz label, a Belgian label from Brussels. The A-side is called "Independence cha cha".

6. guitaro cha cha - spartaco-sax

Their best known recording is "Ne nous fachons pas" but has been compiled already. This utterly cool cha cha instrumental on the same EP makes you dream of a pueblo in Guadalajara half a century ago. Spartaco "Sax" Andreoli recorded this EP in 1965.

14. jungle jalopy - the arthur lyman group

No one can bring Les Baxter songs better than Arthur Lyman.  Baxter put it on his "Ritual of the savage" album first. In those days there was no difference between "space age", "easy listening" or "exotica".

7. cafe cafe cafecito - lina de lima

First released on this EP with Cocki Mazzetti, called "Caffè songs 62" on the small Caroan label and then in 1963 as a single on Primary. Unlike most latin tunes in the early 60s, this is not wild or bombastic. It's like they are really enjoying the morning dew with a cup of coffee.

15. taal mile nadike jaal me - mukesh

Another movie tune from the numerous Bollywood films. This EP was recorded in 1968 by Mukesh, number three of the male Bollywood vocalists, after Mohammed Rafi and Kishore Kumar. Released on Angel Records, part of Odeon.

8. bahia - the arthur lyman group

Excellent exotica with marimba jungle sounds by Hawaiian lover of unusual instruments. On Hi-Fi Records in 1959.

16. koi ladki koi ladki - lata mangeshkar & kishore kumar

From the Bollywood movie "Seeta aur Geeta", about separated twin sisters changing place. Lata Mangeshkar is Asha Bhosle's sister. Anand Bakshi wrote the lyrics and the music is from R.D. Burman. An EMI release from 1972.