"Night sounds" - 16 nocturnal knock-out instrumentals


In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE188
"Do the red light dance mystique at wild night traffic jam and then break through the kickstand..."

1. soft - bill doggett

A hazy flute, strollin' drums and swirlin' organ take you away to a speedy hula convention under the waterfall. Already in his 40s he knew how to entertain us. A 1957 release on King and on Parlophone.

9. changes pt1 - king curtis

Groovy sax funk instro monster from 1971 by the legendary King Curtis. And it goes on and on on part 2, which can be found on vol 165.

2. night sounds - ernie freeman

R&B jazz instrumental from 1960 by Cleveland, Ohio born organ player who also gave us the fabulous "Theme from Igor", also on Imperial.

10. steel guitar rag - danny & the zeltones

Instrumental flipside to their minor hit "Kansas City" from 1961. It has an eerie sound, perfect for after-midnight strolls. Their sole release on Big Top.

3. zug - roger mores

The man behind the sensational 1967 soundtrack of "Cash? Cash!" is here with a Belgian mod organ instrumental, recorded in 1968 for Vogue Records.

11. the sharck - roger mores

Even better than "Zug" is this one: uptempo mod beat with organ and saxophone. Another unbelievable soundtrack is "L'étreinte", also from 1968.

4. dumplins - doc bagby

It first appeared on Okey b/w "Sylvia's callin'" in 1957 and was reissued in 1963 on VIM. Hammond and sax instro groover.

12. mix it up - doc bagby

Both sides were self-penned. This is the better side; like heavier groovy version of early Booker T meets Jimmy Smith. Great instrumental dance floor filler from 1963.

5. beanie - the clippers

A Beacon release from 1960. It's not the same label that gave us great soul & funk releases a decade later. This is a rock 'n' roll instrumental.

13. dance mystique - the ramsey lewis trio

A Dutch release from 1966 as B-side of a Beatles tune, "A hard day's night". The Ramsey Lewis Trio, with Lewis on the piano, Red Holt on drums and Eldee Young on bass, always sound solid, be it jazz or boogaloo. See also vol 187.

6. wild night - the ventures

B-side of "Caravan" (see vol 187) in 1965. But in 1964 it already appeared on the album "The Ventures U.S.A."

14. kickstand - the ventures

One of their wildest instrumentals and it was a single-only release until it reappeared on a 1977 sampler "Surfin' '77". I love this hot rod tune from 1967.

7. red light - bill black's combo

A bluesy rock instrumental by Bill Black and his combo from 1966. A Hi Records release. See also vol 60.

15. white silver sands - bill black's combo

This was his second single, issued in 1960. He recorded hundreds of instrumentals in the sixties, most of which were released on Hi Records. See also vol 187.

8. traffic jam - johnny & the hurricanes

Another weird guitar instrumental by "Red river rock" heroes from Ohio: Johnny Paris with his Hurricanes. See also vols 159, 182 and 187.

16. break through - mike sharpe

Mike Sharpe is also known as Mike Shapiro, the co-author of "Spooky", which is the flipside of "Break through", his debut single from 1966. Uptempo soul-jazz for the hipsters lounge. Check out his album "The spooky sound" and enjoy.