"Supersonic melon twist" - 16 over-easy 60s tunes from another world


In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE187
"Twistin' and jivin' in the shadow of a sunny caravan on a supersonic scale..."

1. supersonic twiste - les jaguars

Canadian surf band with pre-Les Sinners Jean-Guy Cossette and the Morrissette brothers. This wild instrumental mayhem is the B-side of "Mer morte" (or "Dead sea") which they already recorded in 1960. Released on Tourne-Sol and reissued on Pro-Culture.

9. hang 'em high - booker t & the mg's

I love that movie theme, certainly this organ driven version by Booker T. Jones and his Memphis Group. They recorded it in 1968 for the Stax album "Soul limbo".

2. shadows - johnny & the hurricanes

No, "Shadows" is not the band, but the song. And yes, it is an instrumental. I don't know why so many people believe they came from England. They hailed from Ohio! This is from a rare German single on Columbia Stateside, originally issued by Mala Records in 1963.

10. l'homme au chapeau melon - the laurie johnson orchestra

John Steed, played by actor Patrick MacNee, is speaking French here to promote the revamped series "The New Avengers" for the French television, featuring a young and utterly stunning Joanna Lumley. This is from 1977, but it could have been 1966 instead.

3. the twistin' twist - willard burton

A 1962 twist instrumental on Peacock Records. In 1961 he had his first release on Peacock "Backslide/Teardrops of love". In the '70s he was active in the disco scene.

11. uele - the kili jacks

After writing the American Indian influenced Kili Watch bass player Gus Derese and leaving The Cousins he tried with another similar tune, "Uele", but without any success whatsoever. He couldn't equal The Cousins' success. In 1965 he disbanded The Kili Jacks, after only 4 years. See also vol 186 for "John Johnson".

4. hang on sloopy - the ramsey lewis trio

Wow, what a great boogaloo version of classic "Hang on Sloopy", which originally was entitled "My girl Sloopy" when L.A. band (and ex The Jayhawks) The Vibrations sang it the first time in 1964. A 1965 Cadet release.

12. hep hep the jumping jive - sadi & his new big show band

A Cab Calloway tune in the Belgian hands of "Fats" Sadi Lallemand, who was, besides band leader and occasional singer, a very important vibraphone player. He used to have his own television show on the French-Belgian national television called the Sadi Show. This single was taken from his 1972 album "Swing a little", also on Palette Records.

5. you too can be a beatle - polly perkins

Always funny to listen to songs about The Beatles, certainly when it's from 1965. She was born Gillian Arnold and first changed her name to Danee Arnold when performing in Soho. In the early 60s she chose Polly Perkins. Later she was an actress in various television series such as Eastenders and Eldorado.

13. scales - b bumble & the stingers

The band that gave us "Bumble bee" and "Nut rocker", featured interesting people such as Jan Davis and Ernie Freeman. This instrumental was recorded for Rendezvous Records in 1962 as flipside to "Dawn cracker".

6. wild thing - the baroque inevitable

One album and perhaps only this single are the only releases known by this unknown band that recorded strange instrumental versions of mid-60s hit singles. This 1966 release on Columbia shows a bizarre version of The Troggs' "Wild thing". The original Wild Thing is even a year older, performed by The Wild Ones in 1965 and written by Angelina Jolie's uncle Chip Taylor, brother of Jon Voight.

14. sunny - the baroque inevitable

Another typical recording by this band (see "Wild thing"). Originally a Bobby Hebb song, but made famous by the dozens of cover versions that all made it to the charts, even the French one by Richard Anthony. Did you know that the very first recorded version was made by Japanese singer Mieko Hirota, early 1966?

7. caravan - the ventures

First released on their 1960 album "Walk, don't run" and several other albums until it got its single release in 1965. I love this uptempo surf version of Duke Ellington's masterpiece (well… to me it is a masterpiece). See vol 188 for the flipside.

15. smokie pt2 - bill black's combo

When you hear one Bill Black's Combo song, you've heard 'em all. Okay, that might be true. Still this flipside is a great instrumental from his first 45, released in 1959 on Hi Records. See also vol 187.

8. slag solution - gemello twins

Silly Moog instrumental (the A-side is the vocal side) from Italy in 1973. This was released on various European record labels such as Credit Music,  Sonet, Ariola and CBS.

16. this strange effect - mystery inc

Weird psychedelic instrumental version of Dave Berry's mega hit, written by Ray Davies. It's a Dutch release on Philips from 1965 and that is all I know.