"Cookin' blues roll" - 16 blues, R&B, beat, twist and other rockers from 1956-1970


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"The red hot rockin' blues started it all and the south ain't gonna rise again; one may forgive, yet not forget..."

1. south's gonna rise again - jesse james

Jesse Lee Denson started his career with this 45 release on Kent in 1958. More singles followed on Musicor and on Shirley. A fantastic redneck rockabilly blaster. And then you haven't heard the flipside yet!

9. young lover - polly perkins

She was a UK television star and started recording in 1963. Strange that this Paul Anka original was released on a Belgian label, Ronnex Records, in 1965. See also vol 187 for the amazing flipside.

2. mexican divorce - the drifters

Perfect for a Tarantino movie soundtrack, no? This slow doo-wop tune is the B-side of "When my little girl is smiling", an Atlantic release from 1962.

10. i'll forgive and forget - ron holden

Black r&b singer from Seattle who recorded his first album at the age of 21 in 1960 and it contained his biggest hit "Love you so" b/w "My babe", both self-penned. This northern soul slab is from 1967, a lot faster and heavier.

3. jim dandy - lavern baker & the gliders

Lincoln Chase wrote the song and Delores Williams aka Lavern turned it into a minor r&b hit in 1956. Best version however is Margie Hendrix' 1968 recording for Sound Stage 7.

11. sally was a good old girl - fats domino

In 1962 Hank Cochran recorded this catchy tune for Liberty Records. Two years later Fats Domino picked it up and turned it into this r&b stomper. An ABC-Paramount release.

4. cookin' little baby - king biscuit & crowbar

Candian funky white blues from singer and harmonica player Richard Newell as King Biscuit Boy with also Canadian bluesrock band Crowbar. A 1970 release on Paramount.

12. red hot rockin' blues - jesse james

Fast furious rockabilly scorcher from 1958 with a wild boppin' wailin' sax break. Also reissued as a 45 on Ace Records.

5. how would you feel - jimi hendrix & curtis knight

Written by Curtis Knight, it's a prime example of early Hendrix blues rock influences. From 1967 and soon after this The Jimi Hendrix Experience had their breakthrough in Europe. See also vol 151.

13. no other baby - dan ellery

Dan Ellery lived in Chicago in the early 50s, but he was born in Belgium and returned in 1953 at the age of 10. In1960 he started his recording career which lasted until the end of that decade.  Jacky Van Poecke was his real name. His version of Ronnie Self's "Bop-a-lena" is the flipside and was a minor hit in Belgium. A 1965 RCA Victor release.

6. don't ha ha -  the governors

A little bit of cheating as if this were not with Casey Jones… So… ha ha, or don't ha ha. A 1965 release on Golden 12.

14. simple twist - eddie twister

A twist instrumental by Eddie Twister. On the B-side you'll find "Double twist". It's probably his only release. Issued by Philips in 1962.

7. you can't say goodbye - trini lopez

Texas born Trinidad Lopez III created his own sound, so either you love him or you loathe him. I love him, even the cheesy tunes. This uptempo soul r&b tune from 1964 was the B-side of "Jailer, bring me water".

15. i tried - ron holden

B-side of "I'll forgive and forget", a great uptempo r&b ballad.

8. john johnson - the kili jacks

Sometimes called Gus Dersé & The Kili Jacks. This was their debut release in 1961. The name of the band came from The Cousins' first hit single "Kili watch", also from 1961, written by bass player Gust Derese aka Gus Dersé. He left The Cousins and started his own band, The Kili Jacks. See vol 187 for the flipside.

16. more and more - blood, sweat & tears

Legendary New York funky jazz-rock outfit with Alan Kuperschmidt as leader, better known as Al Kooper. This is the often ignored splendid B-side of their smash hit "Spinning wheel" from 1968.