"Nobody's original" - 16 repulsive cover versions of bad bad bad good taste


In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE185
"German, Dutch, English or instrumental... anything goes when one likes a song and turns it inside out in a repulsive manner..."

1. gimme shelter - ruth copeland

Fantastic funky blues version of the Rolling Stones classic "Gimme shelter" by Ruth Copeland, an English singer who sound here a bit like the UK version of Janis Joplin. All of her early 70s releases were on Invictus, this from 1971.

9. hava nagilah - monty babson

Perfect case of gooood taste gone bad. The label reads that it was written by Van Aleda, an alias for Antwerp artist Louis Baret. It's clear he did NOT write this Jewish song that has its origins in the Ukraine. In 1918 Yiddish lyrics were added. I have no idea who Monty was. I know he founded Morgan Studios in London and in Brussels. It's a Belgian release on Palette Records from 1963.

2. mojo - the scorpions

"I got my mojo working" in a Mancunian way from 1965. They were very popular in the Netherlands and Belgium after their huge hit "Hello Josephine". Excellent killer beat.

10. harlem nocturne - j.j. jones & combo

I have no idea who J. J. Jones was. He recorded a terrific uptempo version of "Harlem nocturne", with a hot wailin' saxophone and a catchy groove. A 1958 Ronnex splitsingle with the Twilighters and "Live like a king", a terrific jivin' rocker.

3. just want to make love to you - john fred & his playboys

One of the strongest versions of this r&b standard, originally from 1954 by Muddy Waters. This is 10 years later. John Fred Gourrier, from Baton Rouge in Louisiana, formed the band in the late 50s and had a big hit in1967 with "Judy in disguise". I prefer the early days. Also the flipside is terrific: a blistering version of John Lee Hooker's "Boogie chillun" as "Boogie children".

11. hoela bruid - will tura

In 1957 Buddy Knox sang "Hula love". Two years later the Flemish "king of pop" Arthur Blanckaert aka Will Tura recorded this translation at the age of 19. In those days he was, say, the Belgian Cliff Richard. A terrific version on Decca Records from 1959, his fifth single.

4. you done me wrong - fats & his cats

A Fats Domino tune covered by a guy called Fats aka Otto Ortwein. Fats and his Cats hailed from Germany and were quite popular over there in the mid-60s. This was issued by CBS in 1965. Flipside is a New Orleans influenced version of Chuck Berry's "Sweet little sixteen".

12. alleen maar door bij jou te zijn - rita van hoof

"I only want to be with you", a 1963 hit single for Dusty Springfield, has been covered so many times and also translated, but this Flemish version is one of the finest.  Is this Rita Van Hoof the same actress from the 1964 Belgian music movie "Start"? A 1964 Discostar release.

5. money - the mob

Funk version of Berry Gordy's million seller "Money". A release on Colossus, a label Jerry Ross started in 1969 and sold a while later for a lot of money to MGM.

13. born on the bayou - al wilson

Surprising cover of this CCR classic. Southern soul meets southern rock in 1973 by this black singer who gave us the magnificent "The snake" in 1968.

6. 20 flight rock - vince taylor

Brian Holden became Vince Taylor and was an instant success in France as the UK Gene Vincent. Here he sings an excellent rendition of Eddie Cochran's "20 flight rock". On Barclay in 1961.

14. lippenstift am jackett - conny

German singer and actress Conny Froboess singing a German version of Connie Francis' hit "Lipstick on your collar", both from 1959. Funny version, issued by Electrola.

7. memphis tennessee - bernd spier

German sung version of Chuck Berry's classic "Memphis Tennessee". Spier was 20 years old when he recorded this, which was his third single yet. A 1964 release on Philips.

15. ohne ein bestimmtes ziel - bernd spier

Another Chuck Berry song translated in German: "No particular place to go". A single only track. Later he had a minor hit with a German version of "Pretty Belinda" in 1969.

8. she loves you - homer & jethro

Parody version of The Beatles' classic, recorded in 1964 for RCA. "Homer" Henry Haynes and "Jethro" Kenneth Burns met in 1932 and stayed a duo until Homer's death in 1971. The A-side is another Beatles cover.

16. caravan - cozy cole's big seven

Legendary jazz-drummer Cozy Cole and six friends recorded this swing-jazz version of Duke Ellington's exotica classic in 1958. This release here is from Switzerland, on Elite Special.