"For madmen only" - 16 ignored gems on 45 from 1961-1972


In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE184
"Extra-terrestrial visitations are not for madmen only, but also for a melancholy man, a robot with a snake bone and other really neat voodoo dusters in this sexy world..."

1. for madmen only - steppenwolf

Also the title of UK Decay's first album in 1981. This is ten years earlier. Heavy psychedelic and even experimental prog rock intended for madmen only. It's the flipside to "Ride with me". And no, they weren't American, it's a Canadian band formed in Los Angeles who were lucky enough to be included on the soundtrack of "Easy rider" with the biker classic: "Born to be wild".

9. extra-terrestrial visitations - art nouveaux

Space-pop psychedelic ditty from 1967 on Fontana. What's the story? I got no clue.

2. melancholy man - the moody blues

"Ride my see saw", "Questions", "Nights in white satin", they had many hits. A successful UK band formed in the 1964. This slow rock ballad is from 1970.

10. do the robot pt1 - the family

Although easy to find, it still remains uncomped, a psych-funk gem about a robot dance recorded in 1972 for North Bay.

3. baby make me happy - the matchmakers

Bubblegum pop by Mark Wirtz' The Matchmakers (yes, the guy who gave us Teenage Opera with Keith West) from 1969. I think it was their first single. A Pop Music release.

11. nothing but love - the kaddo strings

Actually this great northern soul tune is the instrumental side of Duke Browner's 1966 Impact single also released as The Tartans With The Kaddo Strings on the same label a week later. Here is the reissue on the Shake label.

4. voo doo dust - mighty joe young

Louisiana blues guitarist who moved to Chicago. He started his recording career in 1956 for Jiffy Records. In 1965 he recorded this uptempo blues instrumental for Webcor Records.

12. boilin' them turnips - rene netto & the sounds of new orleans

Dixieland in 1973? It's like they had been watching too many Benny Hill shows when they wrote this sax instrumental. At least two albums are known, both on LSI as well. I have another single from that  same debut album.

5. snake bone - lou donaldson

Another great B-side by this jazz band leader from North Carolina. Fantastic self-penned instrumental from 1968. See also vol 168 for more Donaldson tunes.

13. say it loud - lou donaldson

James Brown's "Say it loud, I'm black and I'm proud" in the hands of Lou Donaldson. He took away the funk and added some Hammond groove which works alright on the dance floor. Other side is "Snake bone".

6. sprint 2000 - armando sciascia

On the 45 it's called "Sprint 2000", as instrumental B-side of "Sexy world", while on the soundtrack album it's called "Sexy world (non vocal). It's Norma Gladis who sings the vocal side. From 1965 on Vedette Records.

14. sexy world - miss mondo & armando sciascia

The vocal side of this "Sexy world", an Italian documentary movie from 1962, sung by a certain Miss Mondo. In 1965 famous Italian composer and orchestra leader Sciascia released it as a single on his own Vedette Records and also a full album soundtrack release followed. On the album the name of the girl singer is Norma Gladis aka Norma Cappagli. This is a terrific cool-jazz tune from Italy.

7. really neat - the mcguire sisters

Popular tune in the Belgian popcorn scene, just like their version of Xavier Cugat's "Gesundheit" as "Achoo-cha-cha". This B-side came out in 1961, ten years after their first steps in the music business.

15. so ist ein boy - geschwister jacob

On vol 145 you can find their German soul side, here they are with an uptempo beat/vocal group tune. Eva, Rosemarie, Johanna and Hannelore Jacob were four sisters (in 1966 they were between 22 and 27) who never stopped performing.

8. crazy rancho rock - sam samson

Exotic Latin flavoured instrumental from Belgium. Sam Samson was an alias for Freddy Sunder, Antwerp's leading jazz-guitarist and bandleader in the 50s and early 60s and for also Antwerp-born Jack Sels who plays the saxophone on this wild instrumental from 1961 on Tonalty.

16. steppin' through an empty time - spacetrack

Dutch group formed by Frans Hoeke, brother of Rob Hoeke (remember his "Margio"?). Psychedelic pop from Holland 1971. They had another 45 in 1970, "Sheila".