"Butterfly beat" - 16 mid and late 60s beat busters


In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE181
"When iron butterflies can fly, all is possible on a sunny day. I'll show you the way to the old times..."

1. are you ready - f & the funny friends

It's definitely 70s and they came from Germany but that's about all I could find. The song starts backwards. Fuzz guitar breaks and mid-70s beat are the main ingredients of this quasi-instrumental song. They ask you a dozen time whether you are ready or not and then when you flip over the single, they ask it all over again on part 2 of this silly guitar tune. Released on the Belgian label of Cardinal International.

9. paul revere 250 - randy & the holidays

Fuzz guitar on this sole release by Randy & The Holidays from 1967 on Hickory Records.

2. hey joe - the stillroven

First released on the Falcon label and then issued by Roulette, both in 1967. A fast garage punk version of this classic by this Minneapolis outfit featuring David Rivkin, brother of Bobby Z who was the drummer of Prince & The Revolution. This was their second single; three more would follow on August.

10. sunny day - the stillroven

B-side of "Hey Joe", this folk-rock tune from the state of Minnesota reminds me of The Byrds meets The Seeds in their "Future" days.

3. 1980 - jimmy gordon

Two fantastic singles on Challenge are his legacy. "Buzzzzzz" is the ultimate fuzz guitar instro and can be found on several compilations. This is from his other single. Fuzz guitars, toughest Farfisa and a beatnik coolness was quite an unseen combination. I wish that in 1980 there was music like this.

11. test pattern - jimmy gordon

And this is the flipside of this 1967 Challenge release. Guitar and organ crime jazz instro monster by Jimmy "Buzzz" Gordon.

4. in the crowds - iron butterfly

Both sides were taken from their third album "Ball" from 1969. Blues rock from Southern California. See vols 131 and 182 for more tunes.

12. to be alone - iron butterfly

B-side of last single taken from the album "Ball" from 1969.

5. move on - the dave clark five

Fabulous instrumental B-side of "Catch us if you can" on Columbia in 1965. There's also the Epic single release which features "On the move" as flipside, which is a completely different instrumental. "On the move" can be found on their album "Catch us if you can", while "Move on" already appeared a year earlier in 1964 on the album "American tour".

13. old times - sidney barnes

Psychedelic soul? Great flipside to "Baloney", also written by singer-songwriter Barnes. Singing about the old times, just a decade active in show business. A 1970 Chess release.

6. the waiting - the kingsmen

Fratrock from 1964 by these Portland, Oregon heroes. Don Gallucci and Jack Ely had already left the band for Don & The Goodtimes and Jack Eely & the Courtmen. Released in 1965 on Wand. On vol 194 you'll find the flipside.

14. so fine - the santells

Was this really their only release? Great girl group from the US with this 1966 release, first on Sue and later also on Discostar, Sparton and Stone.

7. do you see the people - les cruches

Dutch popsike band I hardly know anything about. On the flipside you'll find "Lulu". Released on Delta in 1968.

15. show you the way - the hook

Blues rock outfit from Los Angeles formed around ex-The Leaves Bobby Arlin. Their finest moment was  their first single "Plug your head in". A 1969 Uni release.

8. soul experience - iron butterfly

A-side of "In the crowds". It gives you everything but a soul experience.

16. living doll - randy & the holidays

Randy Little wrote this garage pop song and with his Holidays he recorded it in 1967 for Hickory Records. Promising single.