"Trucs magiques" - 16 French and Belgian chansons de yéyé from the magical 60s


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"Who's your favourite teenage idol. Some respected singers here with surprising recordings..."

1. l'idole des jeunes - robert thirion

"Teenage idol" translated as "L'idole des jeunes" by Robert Thirion in 1962 on the Belgian Teeny label, a Ronnex sublabel.

9. comment tu fais - richard anthony

One of the best songs Lee Hazlewood wrote for Nancy Sinatra was "Sand". Here's the French translation from 1967. The girl singing here is Christie Laume, known for her terrific yéyé killer tune "Rouge rouge".

2. jezebel - isabelle aubret

Born Thérèse Coquerelle in 1938, she recorded her French version of "Jezebel" in 1963, which was translated by Charles Aznavour. From an EP on Philips.

10. c'est pas drole - le petit prince

His first single, at the age of 11, came out in 1963. This Swiss boy recorded several singles for Barclay and Riviera and also one mini-album in 1965. The Belgian boy Kiki (short for Christian Isaye) is even better. For Kiki, see also vols 4 and 41. For another song by Le Petit Prince, see vol 173.

3. les magiciennes - richard de bordeaux

Born Richard Rigamonti, De Bordeaux recorded his best songs in his early days with Daniel Beretta (just check out the great compilation series "Wizzzz"). "Les magiciennes" has that same psychedelic weirdness as his late 60s releases. It's the B-side of "La patineuse".

11. aux accords des guitares - jean-jacques debout

Too bad for the slow part in the middle of the song, because the rest is cool uptempo ye-ye beat from France. His wife is the better known singer Chantal Goya. A 1964 release on Vogue.

4. le mal de leurs vingt ans - audrey

A Henri Salvador song release on his own record label by Audrey, born Adriana Medini in Germany where she's also known as Audrey Arno. She sang this in 1963.

12. je ne te pardonnerai pas - les gypsys

One of the very best hard rockin' garage tunes from France. A 1966 release on Relax. Is this really their sole release? I hope one day other recordings will be revealed. Both sides are killer tracks!

5. il pleut dans ma maison - danyel gerard

French calypso song about the fact that it's raining in his house. A 1964 Disc AZ release. See also vol 173.

13. d'accord d'accord - danyel gerard

Do the shake, do the hully gully and think about the Côte d'Azur and you'll agree… it's 1964 and it's yé-hé heyday.

6. les amours de journeaux - adamo

Born in Italy but raised in Belgium he became very famous in the early 60s. Here he is with a sitar. A sitar? Flipside to "Pauvre Verlaine", a 1968 release on Pathé Marconi.

14. excusez-moi mr le professeur - christophe

Much underrated song by Christophe (born Daniel Bevilacqua) who had a huge hit with the 1965 ballad "Aline".  This comes from a 1966 EP on Disc AZ.

7. la nuit n'en finit plus - petula clark

French translated version of the Searchers' million seller "Needles and pins" from 1964, but the original version is from 1963 by Jackie DeShannon. This sleeve is from the 1970 release b/w the awful ballad "Coeur blessé" from 1962.

15. voila le temps des vacances - petula clark

Again from 1964, it's another translation. "The party time" turned into "Voici le temps des vacances", with fuzz guitar breaks, it's one of her heaviest recordings.

8. surfing - les celibataires

French version of The Beach Boys' classic "Surfing" by this fabulous outfit from France. On the flipside you'll find another Beach Boys translation: "Surfer girl" as "Ne pleure pas". A Barclay release from 1963.

16. poupee de cire, poupee de son - sonia christie

It's from a compilation EP called "Eurovision 1965" on Week-End. Sonia sings two songs; the other two are from Eric Richard and Marie-Chantal. She sings the song that gave France the victory in 1965 on the Eurovision Song Contest. Originally sung by France Gall and written by Serge Gainsbourg. This EP was also released on Disques Saphir.