"They violated my song" - 16 amazing attempts to equal the original


In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE179
"The Beatles or The Stones, Fever or Watermelon Man,... I don't care... a good song is a good song whoever played it (first)..."

1. a day in the life - brian auger & the trinity

Tremendous instrumental rendition of this Beatles classic, released on Atco in 1967.

9. fever - rita coolidge

A 1972 recording of possibly the best song ever made. Rita Coolidge, married to Kris Kristofferson, started her singing career in the late 60s and reached the top when she was asked for the James Bond movie "Octopussy". This version sounds like she had no sleep for two days and still wanted to seduce the organist who plays like Jimmy Smith.

2. eleanor rigby - ray charles

Ray Charles has recorded many Beatles songs, this being one of his best efforts. In 1968 he recorded it for ABC Records.

10. love potion n 9 - (unknown)

The original version was performed by The Clovers in 1959, not by The Coasters. This version is faster than Wayne Fontana's or The Searchers' hit single.

3. a hard day's night - (unknown)

Not so bad vocal cover version of this Beatles classic.

11. rock me baby - the sweet feeling

Ben E. King's "Rock me baby" in a 1968 heavy blues rock version from Belgium, emerged out of The Klan (remember "Already mine"?). This release on Germinal is from 1969.

4. run for your life - the transatlantics

An excellent Lennon/McCartney cover by a quite unknown beat group, recorded in 1965 for King Records.

12. watermelon man - (unknown)

Certainly one of the grooviest versions of this Herbie Hancock tune (see also vol 178). The temperature's rising each time I play this version.

5. birthday - underground sunshine

A funny cover of The Beatles' "Birthday" from 1969 as B-side of "All I want is you" (see vol 176). Two more singles would follow on Intrepid in 1969 and also an 8-track album "Let there be light".

13. shake - (unknown)

One of Sam Cooke's best songs ever! This vocal version is better than first expected.

6. time is on my side - (unknown)

From the Beatles to The Stones, but the first vocal version was from Irma Thomas, also in 1964. But in 1963 the original version was recorded by trombonist Kai Winding. This is a fine vocal version by an unknown band.

14. cool jerk - the three caps

Fooled ya! The Three Caps are actually The Capitols from Detroit. The Capitols released their singles on Karen Records in 1966-1968. "Cool jerk" was a big hit in 1966 and also in 1967 as the instrumental "Wack wack" by Young-Holt Trio.

7. let's spend some time together - the l.a. power & light

Northern soul cover version of this 1966 Rolling Stones recording. The L.A. Power & Light recorded their version in 1968.

15. please mr. postman - (unknown)

The Marvelettes scored a number 1 hit in 1961. The girls on this version try hard to copy the original sound.

8. kili-kili-watch - the swinging zoulou's

A 1961 Belgian cover version of a Belgian original by The Cousins. I have no idea who The Swinging Zoulou's were. This was their sole output on also Belgian label Helia.

16. stranger in paradise - martin denny

People, I know you all have the "Enchanted sea" 45. Flip over that single and listen to this great easy listening exotica version of "Stranger in paradise", known for its inclusion in the musical Kismet from 1953. Covered many times, but the origins are much older: Alexander Borodin wrote this in 1888 for his opera Prince Igor.