"Teen beat instros" - 16 instrumental unknowns from the mid-60s


In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE178
"Six tracks on each EP and there are at least 60 volumes of these Seeburg releases..."

1. the repeater - (unknown)

Swingin' jazz instrumental.

9. the jolly green giant - (unknown)

We all know the Kingsmen's hit single, but they stole the tune and changed the lyrics. It's actually "Big boy Pete" by Don & Dewey, recorded in 1959. I have no idea who recorded this great instrumental version.

2. honky tonk - (unknown)

A honky tonk instrumental called Honky Tonk, originally recorded in 1956 by Bill Doggett and covered thousands of times.

10. she's not there - (unknown)

What a great instrumental version of the Zombies' 1964 hit single.

3. the sidewinder - (unknown)

Originally a Blue Note recording by Lee Morgan from 1963 and the blueprint for Buddy Rich's version of Sonny Bono's "The beat goes on".

11. say what - (unknown)

Another instrumental version by a completely unknown outfit. It's hard not to move when listening to these sounds.

4. wiggle wobble - (unknown)

No, not the same version to be found on vol 177, which is to dance the frug. This is a jerk. Also a terrific instrumental version.

12. good old mountain dew - (unknown)

Good old C&W tune, often played with a banjo, gets a mid-60s treatment by  a beat band with horns.

5. that old black magic - (unknown)

This evergreen was originally performed by Johnny Johnson in the movie "Star Spangled Rhythm" in  1942. Also Marilyn Monroe sang it in the 1956 movie "Bus stop". Who this is… I really don't know, but I like their rendition.

13. watermelon man - (unknown)

I love each and every version of "Watermelon man", the best song Herbie Hancock has ever written. He wrote it in 1962. This groovy instrumental version is one of the best I know.

6. shout - (unknown)

Fast R&B version of The Isley Brothers' first hit from 1959. Including saxophone and organ.

14. teen beat '65 - (unknown)

Of course the original was recorded by Sandy Nelson himself. This version, however, is wilder.

7. louie louie - (unknown)

One of the million Louie Louie versions, this is a great haunting instrumental.

15. sticks & stones - (unknown)

Oh yes, do the swim with me and enjoy these "Sticks and stones" instrumental version.

8. louie louie - (unknown)

And here's another one. Also an instrumental, but with a different vibe, closer to the original.

16. california sun - (unknown)

Joe Jones was the first to record this classic, in 1961. Two years later The Rivieras scored a massive hit. This is a fine instrumental version with a leading organ.