"Wasting my time" - 16 reasons to run to your local 60s record dealer


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"Since you're reading these liner notes, I must be doing something right... otherwise I'd be wasting my time..."

1. wasting my time - the peddlers

Blending jazz and folk into rock was their trademark sound from this trio's very first single in 1964. This is from 1969 on CBS. The  orchestra leader is… Keith Mansfield. Terrific B-side.

9. storefront lawyer - the ventures

Non-LP A-side of "Underground fire", which was on their 1969 album "Undergrounf fire". This single was released in 1970 on Liberty in Germany. Great groovy instro madness.

2. all i want is you - underground sunshine

Wisconsin foursome who recorded some singles and an album for Intrepid. Heavy rockin' garage two-sider from 1969. See vol 179 for the flipside

10. vado in bianco - i camaleonti

Italian prog-rock from 1973. The band was founded in Milan in 1962. From a beat band they moved to psychedelic garage and eventually to heavy rock and became quite popular in Italy. This was issued on CBS Records.

3. i must be doing something right - the knickerbockers

Not so well known single-only B-side of "One track mind", a splendid garage pop tune from 1966. This New Jersey outfit relocated to L.A. a year earlier and recorded their biggest hit "Lies".

11. baby please - jerry thomas & the rhythm rockers

He had more releases on Ascot and Orchid ("Jungle Dan"!). This one was issued by Khoury's Records from Louisiana in1958. Frantic rock 'n' roller.

4. bu bu di bu - the cry'n strings

German garage beat outfit that was formed several years too late. This is from 1967 but it should've been 1963. A Kerston Records release.

12. wildwood days - the dovells

B-side of the magnificent "You can't sit down". Uptempo jerk from 1963. They began in 1957 as The Brooktones and later became The Deauvilles which was changed into The Dovells.

5. poison ivy - manfred mann

They never sounded better than in 1966. This is a B-side on His Master's Voice. Manfred Mann was not only the singer's name, but also the name of the band. Mann was born in South Africa but moved to the UK where he found Mike Hugg and started this band. Great cover version of The Coasters' 1959 hit.

13. cheating - the animals

A much underestimated sel-penned Animals tune from that magical year 1966, written by Eric Burdon and Chas Chandler. It was also featured on their 1966 album "Animalization".

6. woman - the fanatics

Neal Ford and his Fanatics came together in 1965 and recorded several great 45s and one album (remember their sublime fuzzpunker "I will not be lonely" from 1965). These two songs however didn't reappear until three decades later in 1994 thanks to Caped Crusader Records. "Woman" was originally recorded by The Zombies in 1964.

14. i can't go on - the fanatics

Self-penned in 1966 and then it was recorded on an acetate and forgotten until 1994. One of Houston's finest garage outfits.

7. i'm gettin' on life - wombat

Late 60s rock meets soul song by a completely unknown band (to me). Even the label, Gemni Records, from Michigan is a mystery. Flipside is "A guy lik me". Both sides were written and produced by Joe Cyers.

15. nursery rhyme rock - wynona carr & the bumps blackwell band

B-side of her best tune ever: "Please Mr. Jailer", because of its inclusion on the soundtrack of John Waters' "Cry-baby" in 1990. This single was her first R&B recording, after 11 years of gospels and other religious music. A 1956 Specialty release.

8. theme from the desert (kaguypa) - stof

Sought after Belgian groovy psychedelic instrumental from 1973. A fuzz guitar and a mellotron together. It came out on MDM Records first and it's 4'10". Then it was reissued on Sam Sam Records and suddenly it's 4'29".

16. chicken back - (unknown)

Another unknown artist singing and playing a fabulous cover version. This "Chicken back" is a killer!