"Doin' the bird stomp" - 16 yéyé discotheque gemsfrom 1955-1972


In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE175
"Each and every soul lover and soul sister should take the soul train and only stop in the name of love..."

1. soul lover - jerryo

Jerry Murray was a soul lover and he invented the boogaloo with his partner in crime Tom. This latin soul tune from 1968 came out on White Whale and their own label Boo-Ga-Loo.

9. soul sister - jerryo

Jerry "Jerrio" Murray, one of the boogaloo masters, here solo, but once a duo with Robert "Tommy Dark" Tharpe in Tom & Jerrio. A 1969 White Whale release, for each and every dance floor.

2. mope-itty mope stomp - the dovells

Crazy doo-wop, originally by The Bosstones from 1959, this version being from 1961. Released on Parkway and on Columbia.

10. do the new continental - the dovells

This is the A-side. Doo-wop by the band that later became The Magistrates in the late 60s. This, however, is from 1961. Inbetween they had some ace recordings like "You can't sit down", "Hully gully baby", "Bristol stomp" and many more. See next volume for another cool tune.

3. soul train pts 1&2 - (unknown)

Unknown artist. Fantastic version of "Soul train", part 1 ŕnd part 2. A Hammond organ, a saxophone and a frantic guitar pickin' sound are the main ingredients of this wild funky jazz groover.

11. funky mama - (unknown)

Unknown artist. Now it's time to do the slop. Super soul-jazz instro.

4. horsing around - the soul brothers

These Soul Brothers are the backing band of Benny Gordon, who also wrote both tracks on this Newmiss release. It's a funky soul instrumental, perfect for Saturday night parties.

12. die liebe kommt leis' - mary roos

German translation of The Supremes' monster hit "You can't hurry love" by Rosemarie Schwab aka Mary Roos. Her first release was a single when she's only 10 years old in 1959.

5. do the bird - (unknown)

Slightly faster than the Dee Dee Sharp version we all know. Fabulous version by these unknown soul sisters.

13. funky four corners - jerryo

James Brown, eat this! A funky lick he forgot to write, cuz this is steaming hot like hell in each and every corner of the dance floor. Do the nitty gritty and the popcorn with the boogaloo funk of Jerryo… And he yells "Ungawa" in the middle of the song, oh yeah baby!

6. wigs - fats domino

R&B stroller from 1965 on ABC-Paramount by the king of New Orleans who barely survived hurrican Katrina.

14. doin' the thing - young-holt unlimited

B-side of "The beat goes on" (see vol 140) from 1967. Both sides are easy going soul-jazz instrumentals by Eldee Young and Red Holt. Formerly known as The Young-Holt Trio of "Wack wack " fame.

7. the bottle or me - dee dee sharp

Philly soul song from 1969 by Dee Dee Sharp aka Dione LaRue. She was also a member of the Philadelphia International All Stars. This was a single-only release on Gamble Records. Also check out vol 182.

15. nip sip - the clovers

An excellent doo-wop tune from 1955 on Atlantic by one of the biggest names in doo-wop-world. Their mix of vocal harmony and R&B worked each and every time and soon many  hit singles followed such as "Love potion #9".

8. stop! in the name of love - (unknown)

Unknown artist. Do the twine with this excellent instrumental version of the Supremes hit single.

16. mashed potatoes - (unknown)

Of course there's an organ in this version, but I particularly like the fuzz guitar licks inbetween the wailing sax bits. One of the best Mashed Potatoes I know.