"Bo-dacious beats" - 16 angry instrumentals from a long forgotten era


In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE174
"It takes an angry generation to create music like this, be it in Memphis or in Liverpool, Brussels or Paris..."

1. bo-dacious - the woodchucks

A bodacious instro killer on Prince Records, released in 1965 and reissued in 1969 on LHI Records. The man behind this group is Lee Hazlewood, who also wrote and produced both sides.

9. angry generation - the woodchucks

Link Wray meets John Barry in Lee Hazlewood's living room in 1965. What an angry generation indeed.

2. that memphis thing - john phillip soul

Funky instrumental track from 1968 mixed with horn arrangements and Hammond sounds around fuzz guitars and a catchy uptempo beat. A Pepper release.

10. the soul strut - john phillip soul

Even better B-side of "That Memphis thing" and it works each time on the dance floor.

3. night train 66 style - tommy wills

A terrific version of this standard that most people think was written by Jimmy Forrest in 1952. But he stole the guitar riff from a "Happy go lucky" by Duke Ellington. He was then part of Duke's orchestra. But even Ellington copies the riff of his 1946 song from a 1941 recording by Johnny Hodges, namely "That's the blues, old man".

11. honky tonk 66 style - tommy wills

"Man with a horn" he was called. With or without his Tomcats he released about 20 singles, all featuring his wailin' saxophone. This is from 1965 on Air-Town, an Ohio label.

4. taboo - sounds inc

From their second 45 on Decca from 1962. A fabulous rendition of exotica classic "Taboo". A must have for all Taboo lovers.

12. sounds like locomotion - sounds inc

This instro sextet hailed from Kent, England, released a lot of 45s, this great two-sider as one of their very best.

5. liverpool drive - chuck berry

B-side of "No particular place to go". Did he name this speedy instrumental after the English invasion of bands that loved Chuck Berry songs? A 1964 Chess release.

13. rocking the twelve eight - burt blanca & ses guitares magiques

Twanging guitar instrumental by 19-years old Brussels teenager with a Hammond break in the middle of the song. A 1963 HMV release.

6. turvy II - cozy cole

William Cole became one of America's best known black jazz drummers. Remember his "Topsy", "Ala topsy", "Topsy-turvy" and now his "Turvy" from 1958. Side A and B are part 1 and part 2 of those instrumentals that mostly start with Cole telling the song title. So this is "Turvy part 2".

14. mea culpa - christopher

Aka Jean-Pierre Massiera, a French artist who recorded under dozens of names throughout the 60s and the 70s. This one is from 1971 on Decca.

7. intermission riff - wild bill davis

Hammond jazz instro from 1966 by jazz organist Davis who was already 48 years old. He recorded numerous albums from the 40s until his death in 1995.

15. toujours un coin qui me rappelle - claude ciari

Burt Bacharach's "There's always something there to remind me" by guitarist Claude Ciari, who left Les Champions in 1964 for a solo career. Later he moved to Japan. A 1964 EP on Pathé.

8. drum face - zutty singleton

Very rare red vinyl release on Vogue from 1959. It's a split single with "Big Chief" Russel Moore. "Drum face" is only drums, nothing else. Louisiana born Arthur Singleton was already 61 years old when he recorded this instrumental. Being a jazz drummer he was still quite well known in the creole music scene.

16. kiko - jimmy mcgriff

One of the most famous Hammond organ players in the 60s McGriff played the blues, jazz, soul and everything else he loved. From Philadelphia he recorded dozens of albums, including this  six-track mini-album single for Sue in 1964.