"Hi-fi supersonic stereophonic bloop bleep" - 16 weird 60s recordings from all over the world 


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"When you do the elephant walk on Tahiti, you'll meet supersonic boys and native girls..."

1. i want a boy with a supersonic stereophonic bloop bleep - the teenettes

I hope these girls have found this robotic space boy they're longing for. 1959 and 1961 were the weirdest years in rock 'n' roll history. A 1959 release by Brunswick. See vol 167 for the B-side.

9. don't think twice - the wonder who?

Aka Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons in 1965 playing a Bob Dylan song. Flipside is the terrific instrumental "Sassy" (see vol 171).

2. let me know, let me know - oscar mclollie

Self-penned uptempo r&b from Los Angeles, recorded for Class Records in 1958. On the flipside he's singing a duet with Jeanette Baker, "Hey girl, hey boy".

10. chante avec moi - le petit prince

Pascal Krug or Le Petit Prince, here with Frank Alamo, reminds me of a Belgian youngster called Kiki. He's from Switzerland and was 12 years old on this 1964 EP on Riviera. See also vol 180.

3. western expression - pegasus

Two girls and two guys, including Birgit Schmidt "Sommer" and partner Herbert Hildebrandt-Winhauer, who recorded several singles before starting Pegasus, apart and together. Hildebrandt was also active in The Rattles, a German beat group. It's like this 1971 song was recorded in the middle of a western movie take including gun shots.

11. monsieur le percepteur - daniel gerard

From his "66"-EP on DiscAZ. In 1970 he recorded "Sexologie" which is a much sought after single, mainly thanks to its inclusion on the compilation album Wizzz. His real name is Gerard Daniel Kherlakian.

4. exciting blues - andre brasseur trio

This is the much sought after first single of Andre Brasseur. While a woman is moaning excitingly, Andre, on his piano and not on a Hammond organ, and his two musicians (bass player Luc Streels and drummer Bruno Castells) are playing this standard blues instrumental. A 1961 release on Discofil Records.

12. jungle strut - ramsey lewis

Bizarre B-side from 1974, funky weirdness and early synthesizer sounds by famous jazz pianist Lewis, from Chicago. This is far away from "Wade in the water".

5. swingova - the cousins

In the narrow space between The Ventures and Jungle Exotica you'll find bands like the Brussels outfit The Cousins who delivered dozens of ace guitar instrumentals. From Kana Kapila and Kili Watch to Swingova is a small step to some but a giant leap to me. A 1964 Palette release.

13. muskatel muskatel - james anderson

Heavy fuzz blues rocker on Atlantic, originally on Cotillion. He recorded three or four singles in the early 70s. B-side of "Mama mama" from 1970.

6. magic star - burt blanca & ses guitares magiques

English sung version of Joe Meek's classic "Telstar" by best known Belgian rocker (if you choose to ignore the fact that Johnny Hallyday is Belgian and not French). From a 1963 EP on His Master's Voice. On the next volume you get another track from this EP.

14. many's the slip - present

Full title is "Many's the slip twixt the cup and the lip (or Baby the world really turns)". This popsike garage tune first appeared on a 1966 Mercury release, most likely their sole recorded effort.

7. elephant walk (native girl) - donald & the delighters

Slow doo-wop r&b tune by Donald Jenkins and his Delighters from 1962. I believe this was his debut single. A Cortland release for a jungle novelty comp.

15. wang dang dula - donald & the delighters

Early uptempo r&b with the powerful voice of Donald Jenkins about every dance craze in those days like the watusi, the bird, the flea, the pony and so on.

8. no no no - jeronimo

Early prog rock from Germany with at least three album releases and ten singles, including this 1970 release on Sonobel.

16. tahiti - the surfers

On this 1960 single it's called "Tahiti", but on the album "Tahiti" it's called "Drums of Tahiti". To make it even more confusing: in 1964 they had to change their name in The Hawaiian Surfers. Where Hawaiian pop meets Tahitian tamouré...