"Sweet Meat & Salad" - 16 obscure selections from 1959-1971


In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE171
"A cuba libre for table five, a salad for table two and crazy Daisy for the bongo band from Arabia..."

1. autoroute - the british lions group

I have no idea who's behind this Italian band. This song is a brilliant tune that could have escaped the KPM library. A 1971 release on Disques Vogue.

9. cuba libre - the british lions group

This is the A-side of "Autoroute". Personally I prefer the B-side. Again it's an instrumental side, which reminds me of a more accessible version of I Marc 4.

2. crazy daisy - the play boys

R&B instrumental with sax and piano from 1959, the instrumental year. There were so many bands called Playboys in those days. Who were these guys? Perhaps the ones who did "Jungle fever", also from 1959.

10. sweet talk - the play boys

Moody instrumental on the B-side. An Imperial release from 1959.

3. chittlin' salad pt1 - the soul runners

Two singles later they changed into Charles Wright & The Watts 103rd St Rhythm Band. I love this midtempo soul instrumental from 1967 on MoSoul.

11. chittlin' salad pt2 - the soul runners

Because it's so good, here's part 2 as well.

4. sweet meat pt1 - zip codes

What a great and groovy funk instrumental (90%) from 1970. Released on Better Records.

12. sweet meat pt2 - zip codes

On Part 2 there are a few more words, a few more guitar freakouts, and a few more of everything. Part 2 is even better than Part 1.

5. big daddy - boots randolph

His saxophone plays the tune for the Benny Hill show. And if you listen very carefully you can hear bits of it in this 1960 recording.

13. bongo band - boots randolph

A sax and a bongo… that's all I need for a cool vibe. Kentucky born Homer "Boots" Randolph will always be remembered for "Yakety sax".

6. arabia - delcos

Originally released in 1962 on Ebony and in 1963 on Showcase, but luckily reissued in 1985 on a splitsingle by S.O.S. Sound Of Soul. Great R&B exotica by this unknown outfit that also recorded "Still miss you so/Just ask" for Sound Stage 7 Records.

14. zip - red prysock

Self-penned jazz instrumental at an incredible speed, released in 1956 on Mercury. In 1955 it already appeared on his album "Rock 'n' roll". Saxophonist Wilburt "Red" Prysock is the brother of Arthur Prysock. See vol 172 for the flipside.

7. reviens-moi - les guitares de l'enfer

These "guitars from hell" hailed from the city that is called the "burning city", so their name is not that strange at all. "Reviens-moi" or "Come back to me" is a great guitar rock tune with a splendid guitar break. It sounds like The Cousins meet Les Chats Sauvages.

15. sassy - the wonder who?

Do you wonder who these guys were? It's The Four Seasons in disguise. This instro groovy killer tune is better than any Frankie Valli recording. Great titty twistin' jerk bam boom from 1965. Watch out for the flipside on vol 173.

8. little cupid blues - googie rene

Instrumental jazz song from  1961 on Rendezvous Records, written by "Googie" Rafael Rene, who discovered Bobby Day. For me he's best known for his killer instro "The chiller".

16. california summer - the marketts

Subtitled "People moving west", a 1968 release on World Pacific. It was also the end of this instrumental outfit from Hollywood. See also vol 158.