"Twist Diabolique" - 16 French rockin' call-outs by the devil and his music


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"Twistin' with the devil, with Max, with Herman, with Albert,... in France and Belgium.

1. le twist du diable - les guitars de l'enfer

Belgian twist r&r combo from Liège with a dozen singles. Most were on Belgadisc, a small Belgian label. They were active from 1961 till 1965. This is the "twist of the devil".

9. le bras mecanique - jacques dutronc

The only post 1971 single I like by this French superstar. Think "Mini mini mini", "Et moi et moi et moi" with different lyrics and less 60s sounding.

2. valencia - les sunlights

Originally it was a pasodoble brought by Mistinguett in 1925 in the Parisian revue Moulin Rouge. In the 50s everybody new the song. And when The Shadows played their instrumental version, The Sunlights copied that one in 1963 for Decca. See vol 161 as well.

10. jailhouse rock - burt blanca & the king creole's

Ten years too late? Hell no! It's a blistering version by Brussels rockabilly icon Norbert Blancke aka Burt Blanca. Released in 1968 on his own BB Maurice label. See also vols 173 and 174.

3. on a change ma ville - monty

"Même si je suis fou" is his masterpiece, a French version of "The girl sang the blues" by The Everly Brothers. This is excellent midtempo French yéyé beat from 1965 on Barclay.

11. une fois - monty

On the same EP he recorded a French version of the Yardbirds' "For your love" as if he was imitating Johnny Hallyday. Born Jacques Bulostin he sometimes appeared as Nicolas Sonn.

4. hey max - les charlots

Funny French translation of "Hey Joe" by a band that used to be called Les Problèmes, Antoine's backing band. This 4-track EP is terrific. See the other two on this volume.

12. avec une barbe blanche - frank alamo

A song about the white beard of Santa Claus? A funny pop tune from 1967 on Barclay. Better is the flipside, also on this volume.

5. ma mere - frank alamo

Del Shannon's "Hey little girl" translated into French by Vline Buggy for Jean-François Grandin aka Frank Alamo in 1964 for Barclay. He's not singing about a little girl, no, it's about his mum.

13. ou j'ai peur - frank alamo

A French version of a Carter-Lewis composition about the fact that he's afraid. A 1964 EP on Barclay.

6. pour etre a toi - ronnie bird

"Down home girl" sung in French by teen beat hero Ronal Méhu aka Ronnie Bird in 1965. It also appeared on his eponymous debut album. A Decca release.

14. le vieil homme - marie

Unbelievable yet true: this is a 1972 French translation of Uriah Heep's 1971 minor hit "Lady in black". Marie-France Dufour represented Monaco for the Eurovision Song Contest a year later. It was the B-side of "Suis cet enfant", a Pathé Marconi release.

7. bim bam bam - alice dona

"C'est pas prudent" is her best effort; I don't think you disagree. This appears on the same 1963 EP, an uptempo ye-ye tune for Pathé. She was only 17 years old. See also vol 192.

15. envoie-moi ta photo - frank alamo

"Send me your photo" is the title of this cool poppy yé-yé tune from the summer of love in 1967.

8. albert - les charlots

Subtitled "ou la triste et lamentable histoire d'un contractuel dont la vie exemplaire est toujours le modèle édifiante corporation". They were never to be taken seriously. I prefer Les Problèmes, yet their first two years (1966 and 1967) are okay as well.

16. mange ta soupe herman - les charlots

First it was about Max, then about Albert and now they're singing a soul song about Herman eating his soup. A 1967 EP on Disques Vogue.