"Double Wailin'" - 8 fantastic rockin' two-siders


In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE169
"Eight singles for the fun house on Gibraltar Rock..."

1. rock and roll rhythm - micky hawks & moon mullins

B-side of "Bip bop boom", also a terrific rock 'n' roll tune. I love his "Cottinpickin'" too.  He had a few releases on Profile Records and his first one on Piedmont.

9. bib bop boom - micky hawks & moon mullins

Wild wild wild screaming rock 'n' roll from 1958 by The Night Raiders, the band of Micky Hawks and Moon Mullins.

2. rockin' charlie pt1 - bobby peterson quintet

Instumental piano rock 'n' roll from 1960 by the Bobby Peterson Quintet released on V-Tone Records.

10. rockin' charlie pt2 - bobby peterson quintet

Part 2 is actually better, more bongos, more sax.

3. walkin' home - the rockets

Guitar instrumental from the "year of the instrumentals": 1959. All the ingredients are present: guitar, sax, piano, bass and drums.

11. gibraltar rock - the rockets

Great swingin' instro jerk from 1959 on Columbia by this unknown combo. I like this so much and so do all those crazy dancers at parties.

4. fun house - the roosters

Uptempo frat instrumental from 1959. On the other side there's "Chicken hop".

12. chicken hop - the roosters

Great boppin' instrumental jerk on the rare Shar-Dee Records label. One of the finest chicken songs I know. From 1959.

5. little bo - the royaltones

Great instrumental rockin' titty twister from 1959 on Jubilee Records

13. seesaw - the royaltones

B-side of "Little Bo". Another excellent strollin' instrumental tune that really rocks.

6. poor boy - the royaltones

The poor boy's guitar pickin' in combination with the sax makes me happy. A 1958 Jublilee release.

14. wail! - the royaltones

The wildest Royaltones song I know. Screechin' guitar, wailin' sax and catchy rhythm and groove on this flipside of "Poor boy".

7. movin' up - the spacemen

My first Spacemen single was their debut single "The clouds/The lonely jet pilot". I loved their sound instantly. Listen to the sleazy instrumental and try to disagree. A 1960 release on Alton Records.

15. lucky bluebird - the spacemen

And this side is even sleazierů straight from the local strip joint where the lucky bluebeard smokes another cigarette.

8. rockin' crickets - the rockin' rebels

Amazing instrumental with crickets playing the guitar. Totally nuts in 1963 on Swan Records and in the UK on Stateside;

16. hully gully rock - the rockin' rebels

Inside a strip joint in a Las Vegas back alley where semi-naked dames dance the jelly belly hully gully from dusk till dawn.