"Midnight Creepers" - 16 after midnight club movers from 1959-1970


In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE168
"Do the shake, the temptation walk, the satan boogie, the honky tonk, the witch's twist and the monkey one more time...

1. shaky - bill haley & his comets

One of my all time fave Haley tunes! A midnight creeping  titty-twistin' instrumental from 1959 I simply adore. B-side is the better known "Caldonia".

9. pancho pancho - bill haley & his comets

In 1968 on the album "The King of rock" it was called "Hambone" but on this rare 1970 single release it was retitled "Pancho pancho", a fabulous Diddley-beat rocker that came 10 years too late. On the flipside there's a version of "Land of a thousand dances" (see vol 167).

2. shake, shake, shake - the entertainers iv

Funny instrumental r&b ditty from 1966 on Dore. The flipside "Temptation walk" is the better side.

10. big al - bobby salvatore

Instrumental B-side of his sole single on the obscure IPG Records label in 1963. Wild guitar and sax battle written by Alan Harvey. Actually I think this is just a group of studio musicians who accompany the young kid Salvatore on the flipside.

3. temptation walk - the entertainers iv

Subtitled "People don't look no more", this vocal side is a slow soul tune with a serious nod to  doo-wop and early 60s sounds.

11. honky tonk - joey dee & the starliters

Joseph DiNicola changed his name to Joey Dee and gathered some Starliters in 1960.  The rest is history and all mashed potatoes. Here is a great organ instrumental beat rocker from 1962.

4. midnight creeper - lou donaldson

Blue Note means jazz… "Midnight creeper" means you'll get the creeps at midnight. Smooth Hammond jazz sounds for a midnight cocktail party on the patio.

12. love power - lou donaldson

Lou and his saxophone or "Mr. Alligator Boogaloo" take you away on this fast stroll on the beach in 1968. It's the B-side of "Midnight creeper". See also vol 184.

5. satan boogie - the daniels

Spooky boogie rockin' instrumental from Belgium by The Daniels from 1961, who had other Barclay singles such as "Last night".

13. the worm - buddy merrill

I call this the Buddy Merrill guitar sound. It's unique and very recognizable. Buddy was born as Leslie Merrill Behunin. Most of his recordings were released by Accent Records. "The worm" from 1965 is one of his best instrumentals.

6. the witch's twist - mandrake

Two more singles in 1961 followed and then it was over. I just like this guitar instrumental from 1960. See also vol 167.

14. confusion - the mark ii

Great swinging instrumental that could have been the inspiration for "Bikini with no top on the top" from 1964 by June Wilkinson & Mamie Van Doren. This is from 1960, a Wye Records release.

7. all night - the daniels

The Daniels loved the night, hence this "All night" and other single releases like "Next night" and "Last night". Eerie cheesy instrumental novelty from Belgium.

15. itchin' - jimmy jones

What a fine slab of 1960 r&b by James Handyman Jones from New York, but born in Alabama. A Cub release, one of the many labels he was on.

8. the monkey one more time - the king pins

There were many bands called The King Pins.  This one featured Charles "T.C." Lee from T.C. & The Bricklayers. The monkey and the stroll have a very significant feeling I like very much. A 1963 Federal  release.

16. love and fury - the tornadoes

Written by Robert Duke, an alias for "Joe" Robert Meek for his prime group. It was their first single and not as successful as the next one, "Telstar".  A 1962 Decca release.