"Footprints on the moon" - 16 savage instro swingers from 1960-1971


In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE165
"These tunes are as important to me as footprints on the moon near Django's Castle..."

1. footprints on the moon - the johnny harris orchestra

Famous Scottish arranger and composer who worked for many British artists. He probably wrote this orchestral instrumental the day after he witnessed Neil Armstrong's footprints on the surface of the moon in 1969. Also on this volume: the magnificent "Lulu's theme".

9. lulu's theme - the johnny harris orchestra

The wildest bongos duelling fuzz guitars and psyched-out horns and strings in this 1969 ode to singer Lulu. He was the arranger for many recordings by stars such as Shirley Bassey and Tom Jones, but also Lulu. In the middle of the song a  groovy organ solo appears.

2. big nick - roland thyssen

James Booker wrote the song in 1963 for Peacock. Two years later lyrics were added and it became "Les cornichons" by Nino Ferrer. Thyssen stuck to the original instrumental and gave it an extra groove on this Belgian 1967 release on Hebra Records. See more on vol 159.

10. payroll twist - reg owen

First called "Payroll", the theme for the movie "Payroll" from 1961. This 1962 release is the same song, but "twist" was added for commercial reasons I suppose. Londoner Owen kept on recording until his death in 1978 in Malaga, Spain.

3. organ grinder's twist - boss combo

Wow! That's a boss twist instrumental with a leading organ and a haunting sax. Recorded in 1960 for Coral Records.

11. big twist - boss combo

A saxophone and a frantic guitar are fighting in this big twist instrumental over a swirling organ. B-side of "Organ grinder's twist", also on this volume.

4. the scratch - the delanceys

This is the only single I know from this combo. A rock 'n' roll instrumental from 1962 with a frantic guitar solo accompanied by a steady piano beat.

12. sabata - orchester marcello giombini

This comes from the 1969 soundtrack of "Ehi amico… c'è Sabata. Hai chiuso!", an Italian spaghetti western directed by Gianfranco Parolini (aka Frank Kramer) starring Lee Van Cleef. Later followed "Adios Sabata" (with Yul Brynner) and "Sabata the killer" (with Anthony Steffen) and even "The Return of Sabata", again with Lee Van Cleef.

5. changes pt2 - king curtis

Part two of a fantastic instrumental two-sider on Atco/Atlantic 1971. Get into the groove and you can't stop dancing.

13. teasin' - king curtis

In 1970 King Curtis released his first version of "Teasin'" and one year later he re-recorded it with Eric Clapton, Delaney Bramlett and some others. This is the French release.

6. django's castle - chet atkins

When Jean-Baptiste "Django" Rheinhardt (born in Belgium in 1910) wrote this song in 1934, it was entitled "Manoir de mes rêves". Here it is the B-side of "Boo boo stick beat" (see vol 164).

14. funky broadway - jimmy smith

Funky Hammond-jazz instrumental by the ambassador of the Hammond B-3 electric organ, Jimmy Smith. It's the instrumental version of one of Wilson Pickett's finest vocal tracks from 1967. This is also from '67.

7. chinese checkers - the souljers

At pitch minus 8 it was a popcorn fave on the Belgian dance floors. Great soul swing from 1966, originally by Booker T & The MG's. Flipside is "Poochum" (see vol 164).

15. my blue heaven - bill robin & the blue jays

Slow down minus 8 and it becomes a Belgian popcorn fave. This is instrumental is the B-side of "Camel walk" (see vol 164). A 1964 MGM release.

8. melodie d'amour - the moontrekkers

Funny version of Henri Salvador's "Maladie d'amour" (="Love sickness"), which suddenly becomes a "love melody". But actually Salvador's 1948 version is not the original. The first version was recorded in 1931 by the Orchestre De La Boule Blanche from the isle of Martinique.

16. bee side blues - the midtown repertory

Funny novelty instrumental B-side of "Benjamin Beanbag" (see vol 164) from 1967 on Karate Records, home of The Peels, Nai Bonet, …