"No Time For The Sun God" - 16 chants to please the vinyl gods of "bad taste"


In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE164
"Virgins and bimbos with camels and beanbags, yeah yeah boo boo; it's that time again..."

1. boo boo stick beat - chet atkins

A great bongo beatin' instro rocker from 1959 and my fave Atkins recording. Beatnik jazz and bongobilly cocktail. The author of the song is the magnificernt John D. Loudermilk.

9. benjamin beanbag - the midtown repertory

Bubblegum pop from 1967 by this unknown group on Karate Records. See also vol 165 for the flipside.

2. i got no time - orange peel

Only one single and one album, both recorded in Germany in 1970. Six songs, that's all. That eponymous album includes a 7:16 version of "Tobacco Road".

10. camel walk - bill robin & the blue jays

Instrumental jerk from 1961 by Bill Robin and his Blue Jays. Who was he? See also vol 165 for the flipside.

3. virgin of the sun god - yma sumac

First issued as a 10" shellac record in 1950 and later on this 7" (I believe in 1959), it's also a track from her magnificent album "Voice of the Xtabay", her first album. Two years later, in 1952, followed the next album entitled "Virgin of the sun god", which does not feature this song. Legendary Peruvian singer, who is the virgin of the sun god from the Incas.

11. yeah yeah yeah yeah - the bagels

And here's the flipside which is even worse. So bad it's oh so good, if you know what I mean. This is the only single I know from these guys.

4. un bimbo sul leone - adriano celentano

"I don't need no doctor" is one of the main ingredients of this song, which is one of his best recordings ever. Released on his own label, Clan, in 1968.

12. un giorno - saro

His debut single from 1966. Saro was from Belgium. He sings in Italian and whistles as well. An Arcade Records release with the orchestra of Francis Bay.

5. la salade - les godasses vertes

Belgian outfit around Kirk Viking aka Guy Huysmans, who was already on the scene with The Vikings. Founded in 1965 and disbanded in 1967. Two weeks after this release Les Parisiennes with the Claude BOlling Orchestra recorded this song and nobody ever heard of Les Godasses Vertes' original.

13. le panier a salade - les godasses vertes

Here's the flipside which reminds me of all those French ye-ye combos like Les Chaussettes Noires, Les Chats Sauvages, but three years too late. Guy was not Johnny Halliday, Eddie Mitchell, Sacha Distel, Vince Taylor or Dick Rivers. See vol 129 for Kirk Viking solo.

6. been in love like peeled tomatoes - the jokers

The Jokers from Antwerp, Belgium, going where Jess & James showed Belgian artists to go to: a mix of soul and rock. Guitar instrumental heroes The Jokers have finally discovered the wah-wah pedal, but also the horn section. Well, this is 1969.

14. it's allright - casey jones & the governors

An excellent beat tune from 1966 by the guys who gave us "Don't ha ha" and a fantastic rendition of "Jack the ripper". The surprising flipside can be found on vol 160.

7. wait a minute - the cousins

In 1965 they also recorded non-istrumentals and some are genuine garage-frat-beat like this uptempo stompin' B-side of "Funny how love can be".  Brussels finally discovered the importance of the Beatles ;-)

15. cool aid - paul humphrey & his col aid chemists

1971 funk instrumental on Lizard. Featuring a catchy bass line and a swirling organ. One 45 on Lizard followed and all tracks were featured on his sole eponymous album, all from 1971.

8. i wanna hold your hair - the bagels

American novelty act to ridicule The Beatles. Hilarious parody from 1964 on Warner Bros.

16. poochum - the souljers

Sounds like it's been recorded live at some night club. This soul instrumental from 1966 on Rampart Records. See vol 165 for the flipside.