"The Chaperone Of Soul" - 16 groovy gals and guys in Soultown, USA


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"Who needs a chaperone, when a poor man and a proud woman are strolling with happy feet, down in Soultown..."

1. the chaperone - la brenda & the bell jeans

From 1962 and reissued in 1980 on a Belgian Motown label, this song sounds like a 60s version of Amy Winehouse. LaBrenda Ben recorded two singles for Gory, this being her best effort. A dance floor filler.

9. what a walk - bobby lewis

Indiana born Lewis had a number 1 hit with his version of "Tossin' and turnin'" in 1961 and then again with "One track mind". A couple of months later he tried with this song, but it failed. Still it's a great recording. A 1961 Beltone release.

2. proud woman - john adams

Started as a gospel singer, New Orleans soul voice Laten John Adams recorded this in 1970 for SSS International. It also appeared on his debut album "Heart & soul".

10. recovery - fontella bass

The follow-up single was her breakthrough, "Rescue me". And yet, I love this excellent soul song more than all of her later hit singles. A 1965 Checker release.

3. poor man - little milton

Late 60s soul from 1969 by Milton Campbell, who co-wrote this track. A Checker release.

11. so blue (without you) - little milton

His first single came out in 1953 on Sun Records ("Beggin' my baby") and he didn't stop performing and recording until his death in 2005. He was one of the many Mississippi born singers moving to Memphis Tennessee in the 50s.

4. happy feet - robert parker

"Barefootin'" was his trademark song. Yet I prefer this great double-sider. Stompin' steamin' soul from New Orleans, issued by Nola Records in 1966.

12. the scratch - robert parker

Almost the same melody as the flipside. And it's slightly better as well. Its catchy groove sets each dance floor afire.

5. you're the one - little sister

Greasy funk by three young ladies who were the background singers for Sly & The Family Stone. Why the name of Little Sister? Vet Stewart is Sly "Stone" Stewart's little sister. This is Belgian release with a picture sleeve. In the US it was issued by Stone Flower and then also on Atlantic. From 1970.

13. dry spell - the meters

One of the hottest bands from New Orleans, featuring Art Neville, and house band for Allen Toussaint. This slow funky instrumental from 1970 appeared on their fourth single and on their 1969 debut album "Look-ka py py".

6. get out of my life, woman -  wilmer & the dukes

Final of four singles on Aphrodisiac by this quintet . It's also featured on their sole eponymous album. Fantastic funky groovy soul from 1969.

14. lots of love - joe hinton

With his gospel background it was a natural step to rhythm and blues in  the late 50s, although his first (and only real) chart success came in 1964. More than a dozen 45s were released on Back Beat, including this one from 1966. Also one full album appeared in 1965.

7. you can have watergate - fred wesley & the jb's

"You Can Have Watergate Just Gimme Some Bucks And I'll Be Straight" is the full title. Also the A-side is a mouthful: "If You Don't Get It The First Time, Back Up And Try It Again, Party".  Minimalistic midtempo funk tune from 1973 that makes you tap your toes and swing your hips. Trombone player Wesley collected a great ensemble of soul and funk stars like Lyn Collins, Bobby Byrd, Maceo Parker, but also the king himself: James Brown.

15. don't leave me - marv johnson

Nice r&b platter from 1959 on United Artists, co-written by Berry Gordy. Marv was born in Motown itself, in Detroit, Michigan and was 21 years old when he cut this soulful song.

8. c'est la vie - patti labelle & the blue belles

Nobody could speak French in the US, hence the translationů One of the Blue Bells became even better known than Patti "Labelle" Holt: Nona Hendryx. Philly soul in the early days; it's 1963 when they recorded this for Newtown.

16. am i the man - jackie wilson

B-side of "Alone at last" from 1960, two years and two dozens of singles after "Reet petite". One of the biggest names from Detroit, who was 26 when he recorded this R&B song for Brunswick.