"Gadget Vibrations" - 16 vibrating sixties vibes from my vinyl vaults


In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE161
"Come on and tell me about hot tamales on flights of fantasy where you can be my moanin' lady..."

1. flights of fantasy - the ventures

In 1967 The Ventures released an album called "Flights of fantasy", one of their best albums. A year later this single was released. Excellent psyched-out biker rock instrumental.

9. vibrations - the ventures

Even better B-side of "Flights of fantasy". Phazing guitars over fuzzed out guitar licks make this the start of their psychedelic period.

2. be my lady - booker t & the mg's

Single-only release on Stax in 1965 b/w "Red beans and rice". Both sides are great groovy instrumentals.

10. poor man's prison - gene vincent

Being the flipside of one of 1966' best songs ever is what happened to "Poor man's prison", an excellent rockin' blues track.  "Bird doggin'" is my fave Gene Vincent song. He was already 10 years one of rockabilly's biggest names. Five years later he died.

3. blossom's shoes - the planeters

On the same EP that gave us their rendition of "Venus" (see vol 160). Perhaps this band is the same as The Blocking Shoes as in 1969 they had a single on Vega as well with two songs: "Venus" and "Blossom shoes".

11. come on back - the hollies

One of Manchester's finest in the beat period. This was the B-side of "We're through" and far much better. Ronnie Bird even recorded a French translation: "Ou va-t-elle" a year later in 1965. Magnificent beat rocker on Parlophone Records.

4. moanin' - peter & the hustlers

Art Blakey's 1958 Blue Note song in a fabulous instro Mersey beat way. This pre-Beat Merchants foursome from Horsham, near Brighton in England

12. come on and tell me - peter & the hustlers

The only original song on this 4-track EP and it's great yet still primitive Merseybeat from the South.

5. hot tamales - noble watts

"Hot tamales and cha-cha" are the lyrics of this titty twistin' instro gem from 1959. Mr "Thin Man" shows his skills on the sax backed by his Rhythm Sparks.

13. flap jack - noble watts

Great jump blues instrumental on the A-side of "Hot tamales", a Baton Records release from 1959 by Noble "Thin man" Watts. See also vol 158 for a later release.

6. hippie hippie hourrah - jacques dutronc

The most psychedelic sounding Jacques Dutronc ever in the year of the hippies: 1967. The first time I heard this song I thought it was Antoine!

14. gadget suspect - les sunlights

Underestimated yy garage beat from this French-Belgian band from 1967, an EP on Disques Vogue. See also vols 79 and 170.

7. c'est pas la peine - noel deschamps

See also vols 139 and 141 for more songs from this 1966 EP. This time no translated cover version but an original written by Jack Arel. French garage beat by one of my French 60s heroes.

15. she was naked - super sister

Two parts in this song: the first half is slow, almost a ballad, but then the hard rockin' prog sound hits with fuzz guitars, a crazy flute and wild drums . This early 70s Dutch quartet have been listening to Deep Purple and Pink Floyd. A 1970 release by Blossom Records.

8. flip top box - dickie doo & the don'ts

It starts with a monkey (yes!) and then it turns into that typical novelty rock 'n' roll sound one can find on horror rockabilly compilations. Dickie Doo is an alias for Gerry Granahan. This is the flip to their minor hit "Nee nee na na nu nu" (see vol 146).

16. money to burn - the cyrkle

Influenced by both The Beach Boys and The Beatles managed by Brian Epstein) this American outfit had one smash hit "Red rubber ball" in 1966. This is a B-side from 1967.