"Curieux Docteur" - 16 psychotropic covers for the curious doctor


In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE160
"Sung in English, in French or even not sung at all, I'd go mental after listening to these sixteen sickos in a row..."

1. help! - honest men

A heavy rock version of The Beatles' "Help" by this Dutch outfit that started as a Nederbiet group in 1965. Their final 45 was six years later. The psychedelic fuzz wah-wah guitar solo and the phasing vocals show this is 1970.  An Imperial release.

9. on se monque de toi, laisse dire - noel deschamps

Author Jimmy Breedlove, known for  r&b bands The Ivorytones, The Gliders and The Cues, recorded it in 1966 and it was picked up by Deschamps that same year already.

2. curieux docteur - noel deschamps

John Mayall's "I am your witchdoctor" in a fabulous French freakbeat version by NoŽl Deschamps. On the same 1966 EP you can find versions of "Would I still be her big man" and "Help me".

10. last night - david ede & the go-men

This way-out groovy instrumental is a sultry version the Mar-Keys' hit single from 1961. That same year David Ede & The Robin Rock already recorded it and it became the official tune for the radio show "Salut les copains". This is a 1968 release on Vogue.

3. fortune teller - peter & the hustlers

EP with obscure recordings from 1963 by a teenage quartet that later changed into The Beat Merchants. I guess they were the very first British beat band to cover this 1962 Spellman classic. And they did a terrific job.

11. hippy hippy shake - peter & the hustlers

Another cover song on this fantastic EP on Circle Sound Ltd. Beat music as it should sound like. See more on vol 161.

4. come on and dance - casey jones & the governors

Surprise, surprise, this is the English sung version of Nino Ferrer's fantastic "Mirza" from 1966 on Golden 12, a German label. See vol 164 for the flipside.

12. ca va bien pour moi - noel deschamps

Released a month after the other EP in this volume, in 1966. It contains his best song ever, "Pour le pied", a savage version of Gene Vincent's "Bird doggin'". This is a translation of "Bring your love back home".

5. ah, si j'avais pense - noel deschamps

The original "Would I still be her big man" by The Brigands from 1966 ended up on a Back From The Grave compilation and yet NoŽl Deschamps knew this song right after it was released. He translated and covered it a couple of months later for RCA.

13. une biere pour mon cheval - robert cogoi

Fast cover version of the classic "Muleskinner blues" en franÁais by Belgian singer Mirco Kogoi aka Robert Cogoi. And his horse is singing along! Too stupid to ignore this funny 1964 EP on Philips.

6. venus - the planeters

From a split EP: two songs by Raymond Ruer Organ Pop Music and two by The Planeters, an unknown band to me. I assume they were French. Here they bring an excellent version of Shocking Blue's million seller from 1969. More on vol 161.

14. get back - raymond ruer

I started this volume with a Beatles cover; here's another one.  A surprisingly groovy beat in this organ instrumental. It first appeared on his album "Organ pop music" in 1969, also on Vega. This split-EP is from 1970.

7. it's a man's man's world - big maybelle

Jazz singer Mabel Smith changed her name in Big Maybelle and had a long career, yet she died quite young at the age of 47 in 1972. Six years earlier she recorded this James Brown song for Chess Records.

15. ils etaient trois - noel deschamps

"Ils ťtaient trois" is NoŽl's rendition of "Trapped", especially known from Los Bravos' 1966 recording. Also on the "Pour le pied" EP.

8. harlem nocturne - earl bostic

Excellent rendition of Earl Hagen's jazz standard by saxophonist and band leader Bostic who was already 46 years old when he recorded this version for King Records.

16. oh la hey - noel deschamps

"Juste quelques mots" or "Oh la hey" was written by Deschamps and Baschung in 1966. An uptempo beat stomper that could have been a song for Jacques Dutronc.