"Smell of incense" - 16 end 60s/early 70s sweaty swingers


In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE157
"Evil women are nasty and smell funky on the dance floor. Bring on the incense, please..."

1. 40 days 40 nights - don covay

For all those hip-shakin' mamas who want to funk and stroll all night long or even 40 nights… here's his boogaloo beatin' dance floor filler from 1967.

9. i'm on fire - the troggs

Heavy rockin' B-side of "Strange movies", their minor hit from 1973. Of course "Wild thing" is the ultimate Troggs song, but don't forget songs like "Come now" and this wah-wah groover on Pye Records.

2. eleanor rigby - el chicano

With a band name like that it's obvious what kind of music they're playing. This is 1970 and the world is changing. They play a splendid Hammond grooves chicano soul version of that Beatles classic for Kapp Records as their debut single.

10. coming home baby - el chicano

East-L.A. gave us this groovy Latin organ instrumental tribute to Mel Tormé's finest recording ever. It's the B-side of "Eleanor Rigby". And of course they are also fans of Santana.  Throughout the 70s they recorded about a dozen albums.

3. in the time of our lives - iron butterfly

Spaced-out psychedelia from 1969 by famous San Diego outfit. Also on their third album "Ball".

11. it must be love - iron butterfly

More rockin' flipside to "In the time of our lives" from 1969 on Atco. See also vols 181 and 182.

4. snowball - american machine

Bubblegum pop on Tower Records in 1968, written and produced by Johnny Cymbal. Is he also the singer of this band? I know only this release. That's why I also chose the flipside here.

12. sell your soul - american machine

Flower power bubblegum pop ditty by a band I know nothing about. It's a cover version of Derek's  1969 single, written by Johnny Cymbal who also produced this 45.

5. gonna leave a mark - crow

I've been playing the A-side for years and never played the flipside, which is great as well. Both blues-rock tunes also appear on their eponymous debut album from 1969.

13. evil woman don't play your games with me - crow

Original version covered a year later by Black Sabbath in 1970. This blues rock outfit hailed from Minneapolis. This song is not the "Evil woman" played by Canned Heat, Troggs or Spooky Tooth.

6. one night stand -  the magic lanterns

First known as The Sabres, they turned into The Magic Lanterns in 1966 until their demise in 1972. Including Peter Jay Miller from Peter Jay & The Jaywalkers and Jimmy Bilsbury who was frontsinger of the Les Humphries Singers afterwards.

14. friscoe annie - the magic lanterns

This bubblegum tune is the better side of this 1970 single on Big Tree Records. Both sides were written by Albert Hammond and Michael Hazlewood.

7. green skies - southwest f.o.b.

Psychedelic pop single from 1968 on Hip Records, but first on GPC. "Green skies" is a good song, and the dreamy "Smell of incense" is better, certainly when the guitar is freaking out.

15. smell of incense - southwest f.o.b.

One of The Champs (of Tequila fame)  was James Seals. He has a brother Dan. In the 80s he was active in the duo England Dan & John Ford Coley. Both of them are also members of Southwest F.O.B. a Texas group.

8. nasty - the time keepers

Bob Crewe wrote and produced both sides of this killer two-sider. An overfuzzed lead guitar, a stomping bass and an insane rhythm make this 1968 instrumental a wild monster.

 16. 3 minutes heavy - the time keepers

Vicious yet groovy instrumental on the Generation label. Actually it's a 1968 instrumental version of Mitch Ryder's "Jenny take a ride" from 1965.