"Bang your box again" - 16 dance floor killers for the elite discotheque haters


In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE155
"Straight in your face soul, mind bending psychedelia, frantic frat rock, blistering beat blasters, what more do you need on a dance floor?"

1. baby let me bang your box pt2 - doug clark & the nuts

Part one has been compiled several times, but not this flipside. Fast fratrock meets r&b sleaze in 1966. A Jubilee release.

9. the rake - the id

Great haunting psychedelic rock tune on RCA, released in 1967. Featuring Jerry Cole (who played guitar in many surf and hotrod bands in the mid-60s) who also was active in The Animated Egg and the Cass brothers.

2. money - don covay

Fifteen years on the scene he transformed from crazed rock 'n' roll and savage r&b to sleazy funk like on this cover, which sounds like Johnny Guitar Watson.

10. i get a groove - thomas east & the fabulous playboys

Groovy funk tune from 1968. After a couple of 45s East went solo on Lee Anthony's label True Soul, but with no great success. Horns and a laid back pace makes this one perfect for a late night stroll after a candle light dinner.

3. big boss man - erma franklin

Younger sister of Aretha Franklin. Still nobody could explain to me why Aretha and not Erma became a superstar. Her version of"Big boss man" is terrific. Her best release will always be "Don't wait too long" from 1962, though. This is 5 years later.

11. the girl sang the blues - the everly brothers

Sometimes a cover version can equal the original, but when a French translation is even better than the American original you know something special happened. Monty recorded one of the best French beat stompers with "Même si je suis fou", originally recorded by The Everly Brothers one year earlier in 1963.

4. curly girl - big wheel

Heavy rock from the Netherlands in 1970, known for their "If I stay too long". This was their third single, on Blossom Records.

12. up side down - big wheel

Heavier B-side of "Curly girl". Another fine effort from this Dutch quartet was "Shake-a-tail" (see vol 8) in 1973.

5. everyday - the rogues

Mid-60s surf rock cover of the Buddy Holly hit. Guys behind this band were Terry Melcher (Doris Day's son) and Bruce Johnston, whose first band was The Sleepwalkers, together with Sandy Nelson and Kim Fowley. On the flipside there is a splendid instrumental "Roger's reef" (see vol 152). A 1965 release on Columbia.

13. rocks in my head - 8th day

Rockin' funk stomper from 1971 by this band associated with 100 Proof Aged In Soul, a better known soul funk outfit from Detroit. Released by Invictus, one of three new soul labels founded after some left the Motown record label.

6. slow motion mind - the tower

Both sides were written and sung by the legendary Dutch singer-songwriter Boudewijn de Groot. One of the best psychedelic rock songs ever from the Netherlands. A 1968 release on Decca.

14. get down with it/i can't get no satisfaction - this 'n' that

A 1966 medley of Bobby Marchan's 1964 "Get down with it" and The Rolling Stones' "Satisfaction". Mack Kissoon did exactly the same thing… in 1969. This is not soul though. Powerful mod-beat on Strike.

7. nicola - barbara & dick

Italian release from 1968 on RCA-Victor by this Argentian duo, named Fernando "Dick" Sustaita and Barbara Bourse. Actually it was recorded in 1966 already with Los Iracundos.

15. love is strange - sonny & cher

Bizarre fast ska version of Mickey & Sylvia's million seller. Originally they recorded it under a different name: Caesar And Cleo, in 1964, also on Reprise.

8. i heard it through the grapevine - the rustix

Band that was formed after the demise of The Knockouts (known for their great "Mo-jo"; see vol 6). A spiced up funky version of Marvin Gay's millionseller; recorded in 1969 for Rare Earth.

 16. tramp - otis redding & carla thomas

Debbie Lindsey is the singer on this voodoo soul gem. It's like the intro of "Papa was a rolling stone" over and over again in the background. Otis recorded "Castin' my spell" a decade earlier and still likes his spells and incantations in 1976. A Hawk Sound promo single from the rock opera "Satan".