"Vendredi m'obsede" - 12 French translations and 4 French originals from 1962-1974 


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"Why am I obsessed by Friday? Weekend blues, baby... and I start laughing when I got the blues; just stop, look and listen..."

1. vendredi m'obsede - erick saint-laurent

An excellent two-sider on Barclay from 1967. A translation of "Friday on my mind" by this Frenchman born Patrice Raison. In 1966-67 he recorded five EP's for Barclay and disappeared from the scene. He came back in 1969 with a prog rock outfit Présence.

9. j'ai cru a mon reve - erick saint-laurent

"I'm a believer" by The Monkees, but written by Neil Diamond and translated by Georges Aber. My favourite is "Le temps d'y penser" from 1966. This single is from 1967 and was his third.

2. tes tendres annees - johnny hallyday

A French version of "Tender years", a hit for George Jones in 1961. There's also a Dutch version, "Spiegelbeeld", by Willeke Alberti. Hallyday recorded his version in 1963 for Philips.

10. je ris quand j'ai le blues - georges aber

And here he is, the master translater of many English songs into French chansons and main lyricist for the biggest of France's teen idols in the 60s. A translation of Sheb Woolley's "Laughin' the blues" from his 1962 album "That's my pa and that's my pa". A 1962 release on Polydor.

3. dis-lui - henri talhour

French translation of The Exciters' "Tell him", which was already a cover: the original is "Tell her" by Gil Hamilton aka Johnny Thunder.

11. dis, tu dois m'ecouter - dick rivers

French translation of "Stop, look and listen" from 1964 on the same EP that features a French version of "Not fade away". Hervé Fornieri is not a rock 'n' roll name, so when he was 15 and formed Les Chats Sauvages in 1961, he changed his name to Dick Rivers and went for a successful solo career the year after. Why Dick Rivers? Because he loved the Elvis Presley movie "Loving you"; Elvis played the role of Deke Rivers.

4. de ma vie - sylvie vartan

Soul classic "Rescue me" sung in French by this Bulgarian girl who became one of France's biggest yé-yé stars in the 60s. See also vol 145.

12. hold up - jacques denjean

Terrific cinema funk from France by master arranger Denjean. I love his early EP's "La route" and "L'orchestre dans le vent" from 1963 and 1965. This is later, from 1974 on Suzelle. My fave Denjean recording will always be "Névrose" from 1968.

5. un deux trois - ariane

First of three Palette Records releases from 1966 by Belgian singer Ariane, after leaving her band "Les 10-20". It's a French translation of Len Barry's "One two three".

13. je pense a lui - francoise hardy

Translation of  The Majors' 1962 song "Wonderful dream". Typical early 60s yé-yé de Paris by one of the leading ladies of French pop. A 1963 Disques Vogue release.

6. le sorcier a toujours raison - jo alan

Or Jorge Aliane singing about "the sorcerer is always right". Belgian release on Vogue in 1969.

14. on te fit si belle - pierre gaudy

Rare Belgian 45 on Discostar. Bluesy yé-yé-beat from 1965. I only know of this sole release. It's a French translation of "Sweet talk to me". Ricky Morvan & The Fens recorded it in 1964, also for Discostar.

7. vis ta vie - nicoletta

"Soul time" with Nicoletta, originally by Shirley Elliston, known for her "The name game" and "The clapping song". As Nicole Grisoni she began her career as a dj and then became a singer as Nicoletta

15. 32 septembre - nicoletta

Written by Roberto Carlos Braga, a Brazilian multi-millionseller pop singer, and translated in French by Michel Jourdan, who mostly wrote for another French chanson singer, Marie Laforêt. This 4-track EP was recorded in 1967 for Riviera.

8. intox - jean ferrat

Psychedelic French chanson from 1969 by Jean Tenenbaum aka Ferrat. He started his long career in the 1950s and switched to Barclay in 1963. Dozens of albums and singles would follow.

 16. les sex-shops - georges ulmer 

He was no Frenchman, he was Danish, but moved to Spain and then to the south of France. He sings about sex-shops in 1971, already in his 40s. A calm song to end this wild extatic volume.