"Greasy bikini" - 16 gems from the garage to the beach and back


In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE152
"Seeking islanders without bikinis to play with me in my caravan near the dark river..."

1. the islander - the sunliners

Terrific moody surf instrumental with Hawaiian influences. I believe this Ronnex release from Belgium  was first released on the obscure Hercules Records. So, if I'm right, these Sunliners became Rare Earth five years later with a completely different sound and looks. This is a 1963 release.

9. seeking - joel moore

Rhythm 'n' blues by an unknown artist on the B-side of "Rhumatiz" (see vol 150). Valiant Records issued singles by Errol Dee, Lee Dorsey,… This one is from 1960.

2. summertime - santo & johnny

Santo and Johnny Farina recorded many guitar instrumentals, their best known perhaps was "Sleepwalk", their second single from 1959. This cover was released in 1960, a slow yet fabulous rendition of Gershwin's classic song

10. find me a boy - francoise hardy

One of her biggest hits was "Tous les garçons et les filles". She recorded it German as "Peter und Lou", but also in English. From a 1964 EP on Disques Vogue called "En Anglais".

3. bikini - the bikinis

A jazzy beatnik instrumental about Jeanie and her polka-dot bikini from 1958. The title of the instrumental B-side needs no explanation: "Boogie rock 'n' roll".

11. baby say bye bye - ron haydock & the boppers

Ron Haydock wrote pulp novels as Vin Saxon, but I prefer his rock 'n' roll career. In 1960 he recorded his second single. The first one was "99 chicks", his best release, from 1959, both on Cha Cha Records. Fantastic RnR singer.

4. tequila hawaiiana - the hula hawaiians

For me Hawaii is the complete opposite of Switzerland; yet this Swiss band recorded this hula instrumental in 1969 for a Yugoslavian record label, Jugoton.

12. the greasy spoon - hank marr

One of his last singles, recorded in 1969 for King Records. Jazz pianist from Ohio who started his recording career with the great "Hob-nobbin'", which I'll pick for a future volume.

5. roger's reef - the rogues

Frantic organ sounds on this insane instrumental. There's also a "Roger's reef part 2", issued as a B-side on their next single "Come on, let's go", also from 1965 on Columbia. See also vol 155.

13. never let it be said - valerie mitchell

Only a handful of singles are known, all from the mid-60s. This HMV release is from 1966.

6. caravan - santo & johnny

Even better than "Summertime", a completely different version of Duke Ellington's "Caravan". Twanging guitar madness. One day I should start counting how many "Caravan" versions I have.

14. dark river - cathy carr

Angelina Cordovano was known as Cathy Carr in the late 50s to early 60s with many pop releases. I like this 1958 Roulette Records release the most.

7. continental whip - the impellas

Organ led titty twister from 1963 with a sax solo in the middle. In 1965 Big Beat reissued this single as "Continental whip 65". I think this was their debut release, on All Boy.

15. never on sunday - the impellas

Originally "Ta pedia tou Pirea" (or "The children of Piraeus"), the theme of the Greek movie Pote Tin Kyriaki (aka "Never on Sunday"), which won an Oscar in 1960. This version was recorded in 1963.

8. riding west - billy hope & the badmen

Lead by the saxophone it became quite popular in the Belgian popcorn scene. A 1958 instrumental on Savoy.

 16. play with me - valerie mitchell 

This mod organ pop track is the better side. When she sings"Let's play the game of love" she's seducing you, luring you back into 1966.