"Indian ropeman" - 16 sixties treasures from the garage to the dance floor


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"I wish I could dance, get down, don't bring me down, hush now, flashing tramp from happy castle..."

1. golden apples of the sun - grains of sand

One of the most psychedelic of all US garage rock singles from 1967. Perhaps this song was the inspiration for the band's name Silver Apples. Just check out Silver Apples and compare. A Genesis Records release, second of three singles.

9. indian ropeman - the revells

Richie Havens wrote this song in 1969 and it was a minor hit for Brian Auger, but it's this 1971 cover by Dutch outfit The Revells I prefer. Dutch keyboard wizz Rick Van Der Linden (pre-Ekseption) rearranged the song for The Revells.

2. flashing - jimi hendrix & curtis knight

Instrumental funk rock by guitar legend Hendrix and Mont Curtis McNear "Knight", who died in the Netherlands at the age of 70, surviving Hendrix by almost three decades.

10. hush now - jimi hendrix & curtis knight

Wah-wah psychedelic rock with a funky bass line; B-side of "Flashing", recorded in 1967 for London Records.

3. butler's theme - the butlers

The instrumental influence for "Hip teens don't wear blue jeans", the 2001 discotheque mod-soul hit by Frank Popp Ensemble.  The Butlers were the backing band of Howard "Frankie" Beverly, who had, as a young teen, a hit single with The Silhouettes' "Get a job" in 1958. This was released in 1966 on Phila Records and reissued on Lost Nite.

11. tramp - otis & carla

Lowell Fulsom's "Tramp" by Otis Redding and Carla Thomas, the king and queen of Memphis soul. Recorded for Atlantic in 1967.

4. don't bring me down - the mods

Rare Dutch mod beat single by this Utrecht outfit. I know at least two singles on Omega, this being the first from 1965. It's almost as good as The Pretty Things version.

12. baby please don't go - the mods

When Them recorded this song, everybody was blown away by its power. Listen to the original 1935 version by Big Joe Williams and compare. The Mods from Utrecht, Holland, play Them's version, of course.

5. from - the skope

Dutch garage beat from 1966. "From" is the B-side of "Be mine again". They had another single on Fontana "Wanna dance".

13. get down - harvey scales & the seven sounds

Funky soul groover from 1967. I believe it was Harvey's first single with The Seven Sounds. Reminds me of another funky monster: "Freeze". This is the B-side of "Love-itis". In 1970 he re-recorded the song as "Get down 1970". A Magic Touch release.

6. dimples - the deejays

John Lee Hooker's classic turned into a heavy beat stomper from 1965 by a London group relocated to Sweden. First they were known as Johnny Vallons And The Deejays, but when Johnny returned to England in 1964, they became The Deejays.

14. coming on strong - the deejays

This is the A-side of "Dimples", a perfect sample of Eurobeat mixed with r&b in "Whatcha gonna do 'bout it" style. Released on Polydor International in 1965.

7. little miss sweetness - the isley brothers

One of the finest later singles by this Ohio group of five brothers. This was their final release for Tamla-Motown. They returned to their own record label, T-Neck. Formed in the early 50s as an R&B group and in the 60s a leading soul band. This soul tune disappeared as a B-side in 1969.

15. bonjour cherie - godfrey

No, this is NOT the Godfrey we know… not the Irish born Gordon Kerr who became L.A.'s most infamous DJ in the late 60s. This is Godfrey "Goff" Matthews from the UK, who spent a few years in Belgium and had a minor hit with this release. He was also briefly active in Les Sunlights playing the organ in the late 60s. An Elver release from 1970.

8. i wish i could dance - brian poole & the tremeloes

UK beat from 1964 in full Beatlemania. Their first single was earlier than the first one by The Beatles. B-side of "I wish I could dance". Two years later Brian Poole went solo.

 16. happy castle - the crocheted doughnut ring 

B-side of the first of three 45s. Great psychedelic beat from England. They were also known as Force Five. Two years later they disbanded. A 1967 Deram release.