"The bug is corrupt" - 16 genuine gems from my vinyl vaults


In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE150
"Little Miss Go-Go in Tijuana asked one mint julep and left the bar as a boogaloo baby with summertime fever..."

1. the corrupt ones - dusty springfield

Single taken from the 1967 movie soundtrack "The corrupt ones" featuring the ever lovely Elke Sommer, Nancy Kwan and Robert Stack.  London girl Springfield was born as Mary O'Brien but gained her first success with The Springfields. First release was in 1966, but with a different flipside.

9. the heel - kay martin & her bodyguards

For me this song is her very best. Uptempo, luscious, daring and utterly sexy. Martin, half Cherokee Indian, was a model-turned-singer, yet remained active in the same circuit of risque nightclubs and even had her own Kay Martin Lodge in Reno.

2. summertime - kay martin & her bodyguards

Kay Martin's first album "Kay Martin and her Bodyguards" came out in 1958, while this EP wasn't released until 1962 in the Netherlands. It features the four best album tracks. I selected three of them for this volume. Her version of "Summertime" is one of the best ever... if you like strip joints, go-go music, Las Vegas grind,...

10. fever - kay martin & her bodyguards

The second best "Fever" version I know and the best one sung by a woman. It's 1958 and you can feel the fever. A Roulette release.

3. brother julius - the crystals

Fabulous instrumental side from 1963, written by Arnold Goland from Brooklyn. A-side is mega hit "Then he kissed me". My favourite Crystals song? The Screw, also from 1963.

11. why did this happen - terry daly & the nu-tones

Slow rock 'n' roll tearjerkin' B-side of the wild rockabilly stomper "You don't bug me" from 1958 on Mark Records. The A-side has appeared on many compilations. Their only release?

4. one mint julep - chet atkins

First known recorded version was done by The Clovers in 1952, a few weeks earlier than Louis Prima. Chester "Chet" Atkins recorded his magnificent version in 1959. He invented the so-called Nashville sound, a mix of country and jazz.

12. i'm movin' on - ben lucas

The Twist was still big in 1963 and also on this version of Hank Snow's "I'm movin' on". Recorded in 1963. See also vol 144.

5. it's my life - ben cash

Who was Ben Cash? I know he recorded an Elvis Presley Tribute album in 1976. This debut 45 was released in 1966, a terrific version of beat classic "It's my life".

13. my generation - ben cash

And here's the flipside, a vicious rendition of the Who's classic, from 1966 on Pye Records.

6. chaquita - the dave clark five

Instrumental exotica beat from their debut single in 1962 and still their best recording next to "Doctor rhythm".

14. little miss go-go - gary lewis & the playboys

The first time I heard this, I thought it was Frankie Valli. As son of actor Jerry Lewis it was easier for him to break through and it resulted in several Top 10 hits. This B-side of "Count me in" is one of his better recordings, from 1965.

7. saturday night in tijuana - the five blobs

Known for one song only: "The blob". We all know that song, so flip over this 45 and enjoy the Tijuana sounds on a Saturday night in 1958. Their craziest song can be found on their other single: "From the top of your guggle to the bottom of your zooch", which can also be found on the "Great googly moo" comp on Arf!Arf!

15. step aside - priscilla thomas

I know only two singles on Winner 7 11 Records, this soul tune from 1966 and one by Geraldine Latham. It's also the only single I know by Priscilla Thomas.

8. boo-ga-loo baby - tommy & cleve

Tommy Bullock and Cleveland Horne formed a duo in 1966 with this first of two singles, a standard boogaloo tune on Checker. One more single would follow, a version of "Bird dog".

 16. rhumatiz - joel moore 

Catchy R&B song by this unknown singer (unknown to me). Released in 1960 on Valiant Records and reissued on ABC-Paramount. See also vol 152.